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Smart gifts for tech friends: here are five must-see IoT devices!

More and more people are looking for technological gifts but among phones, computers, tablets and kindles, many of us already have everything we need to be smart. But have you ever thought that you can also give away an IoT device or gadget to make the lives of loved ones easier! So here are five IoT devices you can’t do without!

The Smart Scale

Without trespassing in science fiction, our health can also be monitored through smart, connected devices. Just think of fitness devices, sleep tracking apps and some medical applications. There is also a smart scale, which measure BMI, bone composition, weight and other data and which record through a connection with our smartphone, where, in the app, you can observe the data.

The smart bulbs

Colourful, adjustable in intensity and durability, and above all remotely controllable! Smart bulbs, which can be connected through Wi-Fi to voice assistants such as Alexa or Echo, but also to Google home and our phone, can be turned on and off at a distance, so you can always have everything under control. We will no longer hear the fateful question: will I have turned the lights off?

For animal lovers…

We must not forget our four-legged friends! In fact the IoT thought of them through a smart dispenser too! This food dispenser, although at first glance it may seem like a normal dispenser, is actually a smart device connected to the phone with an app, which helps us humans choose food, time and quantity right for our animal friend. Plus keep and process our pet’s information to help us in case of problems!

Let ‘sthink about safety!

For those who are suspicious and want to ensure really effective home protection, there are IoT devices designed specifically for home security: outdoor cameras, intercoms  smart and locks . These devices are connected to your home Wi-Fi and can be controlled and managed remotely through apps. These devices monitor accesses and approaches to our home and collect information that is then transmitted and saved in the cloud. In the case of sensitive information, such as the security of our home, it is better to provide the modem with additional protection with a router VPN, which protects our connection and makes our data and location invisible.

Good morning! For those who can’t do without coffee, and can’t get back to life without a nice hot cup, here’s the smart coffee machine! Thanks to the connection with our phone in fact it will be possible to set the time of activation and preparation of our coffee, choosing also grinding! Thanks to its

technology, this machine will also alert you at the time of filter change and water… as well as alert you when coffee is ready!

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