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Intelligent system for the windows of the house, one name: MY SMART BLINDS

Sunny days are loved by everyone. The sun puts cheerfulness and good mood, but with its rays it can sometimes annoy, especially if you are at home and want to rest, work or watch TV. The blinds are the traditional solution, better still the Venetian ones, but their adjustment is by no means simple. So, as is increasingly the case, the world of the Internet of Things runs to our aid with one of its smart devices. Today we talk about MySmartBlinds, the smart system for the windows of the house. An innovative and technological solution to better manage the brightness in the home.

The smart system for the windows of the house that you control from your smartphone

If we thought of an object that now characterizes our days and our everyday life, the first answer that would come to mind would be the smartphone. Without it we would be almost entirely lost.

How MySmartBlinds works

Technological development and innovation continue to put it at the heart of it all. MySmartBlinds connects to your mobile allowing you to set settings, send inputs and monitor the situation wherever you are, at any time, right from smartphones. Simply download the app and start using the MySmartBlindskit. With just a few clicks you can check and control the brightness in all the rooms of your home and vary the inclination of the blackout bars. Monitor the light in a particular camera and keep the battery level of the smart device under control. But that’s not all. Thanks to simple and intuitive controls, you will have the option to register the opening and closing of the smart system for the windows of the house.

Save time and energy

MySmartBlinds is a smart home window system that will save you time and energy. In addition to its main shutter function ,MySmartBlinds can save you time, energy and money. The algorithms on which it is based, allow you to control the temperature and lighting of your home. Thanks to the sensors installed in it, you will enjoy an indoor environment that is always consistent and in line with your preferences. You can decide for yourself when to lower the protective bars, setting daily or weekly times. By setting the energy saving option, you can adjust the internal temperature depending on your return home. Useful, comfortable and above all smart.

The smart home window system is just one of many smart items to improve everyday life. We have dedicated a whole category to the most interesting smart devices: discover them all!

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