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Craft beer: think about it BREWBOT

For lovers of craft beer there is an interesting novelty.

Brewbot is a smart object belonging to the worldof the Internet of Things that allows you to prepare the famous hop drink at home. The project was born in the United States by a group of guys who are passionate about technology, computer science and, of course, beer! A few years after the launch of Brewbot, you can also buy the machinery in Europe.

A box and app to make craft beer

Brewbot is a machine the size of a washing machine, suitable for home production, but also for small business. This smart object is directly connected to your smartphone, thanks to an app, through which you can follow and control the various stages of the production process. The result is guaranteed, the craft beer obtained with Brewbot has a special and intense taste, which agrees all connoisseurs.

Everything you need for craft beer production

Ordering Brewbot is easy: the box will be delivered directly to your home. Inside the packaging, in addition to the machinery, you will find the instruction booklet and ingredients needed to proceed with the first craft beer production. You can use hops, barley and yeasts by following the instructions for brewing beer.

Check the fermentation of craft beer with your smartphone

Brewbot’s innovation and its attribution to the world of the Internet of Things, is characterized by controlling the entire process through the smartphone. Thanks to the app, downloaded, you can check and set the water temperature, as well as follow step by step all the steps in the process necessary for the production of craft beer .

The craft beer that unites all fans

Thanks to the app linked to Brewbot you can share your results with the entire community of fans of this drink. An easy way to feel part of a smart group of people with a common interest: craft beer! Through the app’s community of users, you can share photos, tips and recipes, as well as exchange ideas and opinions about beer and brewing processes.

Technology and friendship

Brewbot is the result of the encounter between an IoT solution and friendship, first of the founders, but also of the users. Thanks to Brewbot you can spend afternoons and evenings in the company of friends and family, sharing your craft beer between chats or over a pizza. For all craft beer lovers Brewbot is one of the smart items of the Internet of Things to absolutely have.

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