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Smart scale in the kitchen? Meet DROP!

Among the many smart items that characterize our lives, there is also Drop, the smart kitchen scale.

A real IoT solution that allows you to prepare exquisite dishes without incurring preparation errors. Through the Bluetooth connection, Drop connects to an app on your iPad, iPod or iPhone that will guide you step by step in creating tasty and delicious food. Once ready, you can also share your results on all social and receive lots of likes.

The smart scale that thinks about everything!

Have you forgotten an ingredient or is the amount you have at home not enough? No fear! Drop is the smart kitchen scale that saves you at every opportunity. Thanks to the settings of this smart item, the recipes are adapted based on the ingredients you have at your disposal. The recipe calls for 500 grams of flour, but you only have 380 grams? No problem! Drop will readapt the recipe to ensure an excellent culinary result. Are you missing an ingredient? This smart scale will replace it, offering you curious alternatives!

Intelligent Scale Interactivity

The worldof the Internet of Things studies and develops devices that simplify everyday life. Thanks to its interactive being, Drop guarantees excellent results. No matter what your culinary skills, this scale will show you all the steps you need to follow to get delicious and delicious dishes. With Drop you’ll have hundreds of interactive recipes , adaptable to the ingredients available. Do you have many guests? Drop suggests more recipes to follow using a single bowl, so as to reduce the dishes to wash!

Drop, the practical and functional smart scale

Recipe progress monitoring is automatic: follow Drop ‘s messages and instructions for exquisite dishes. The smart scale base is made of silicone and features a wireless button, so you won’t have to touch the screen of your device with dirty hands. The battery lasts about a year for normal scale use.
Want to surprise friends and family with exquisite and delicious dishes? Drop is the perfect solution for your needs!

Indispensable during parties with your friends

Drop allows you to make magnificent cocktails. After choosing your drink, it follows you step by step in mixing liquids and adding the ingredients needed for your perfect cocktail. The result is an extraordinary drink that will amaze your friends for its goodness.

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