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Birdi: the smoke smart detector

Smart detectors or smart sensors are a technology of great interest in many fields of application especially in civil and construction.

Smart sensors have features and features that enable you to implement advanced features such as remote monitoring.
Thanks to these additional features, they are not only intelligent, but also multi-sensory, so they are able to carry out analyses and measurements of a different nature: such as temperature, pressure, moisture, etc.

The Birdi smart detector excels in detecting smoke, carbon monoxide and air quality components, detecting combustion very quickly, minimizing false alarms.

Birdi is the first company to combine design and high technological performance. Thanks to its simple shapes with sweet contours, Birdi is easily integrated with any style of furniture, its ceiling application ensures high discretion, and the company is very careful on the environmental issues preferred to use ceramics instead of plastic, ensuring a high durability and durability of the product precisely to maximize the environmental impact.
At each stage of production, both materials and processes are analyzed and the cleaner, safer ones are chosen. The packaging of the Hi Tech device is 100% recyclable, Birdi’s mission is not only to monitor the air but also to improve it starting from the very basis of the production.

Birdi integrates with HomeKit smart home systems from Apple, Wink, Samsung SmartThings, ensuring high performance standards so we can always guarantee our security.
In addition to the dedicated application for iOS and Android, as well as WiFi and Bluetooth technology, there is also a 24-hour consierge service.
Birdi allows us to solve the problem at the source and if the problem becomes an emergency situation, he takes care of you.For more details and purchase Contact us!

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