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VESSYL Connected Water Bottle

Connected to your smartphone or smartwatch and then to the internet. allows you to know interesting and innovative information to improve your health and lifestyle.

Vessyl is a connected water bottle with a modern design. In short, it’s a smart device for Healthcare. There are currently two models. The first already on the market and the second under development will be available in the coming months.

We treat the first object.

It’s said Pryme traces your hydration level by calculating the amount of water you have to drink every day. It also alerts you when it’s time to drink, your trends and goals to be achieved throughout the day. It takes into account age, weight, activity, hours of sleep, height, and sex. It is suitable for anyone who wants to maintain an adequate body hydration level and for those who need to replenish the correct fluids after a sports activity. The app connected to the device is compatible with major operating systems, thus ensuring full integration with smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Proper body hydration improves your health and performance.

In fact, it increases concentration, short-term memory, optimizes muscle functioning, accelerates metabolism and keeps you in a condition of good satiety, improves blood flow, purifies the skin. I mean, it reduces the risk of disease.
Our cells need water.

Introduces further innovation, recognizes the type of liquid in addition to the basic characteristics of Pryme. One more feature introduces multiple services that the water bottle and the connected app guarantee. Calculate calories based on the liquid and the amount you drink, advises you on what and how much to drink, helps you regulate caffeine, advises you what to drink and how much to improve the Sleep quality, lower glucose levels, track proteins and other substances for your optimal activities in the gym or elsewhere, etc.

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We’ll go back to the subject, in the meantime try Vessyl Prime. Water on the other hand is one of the essential components for life.

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