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Smart garage connected to the internet secure and always under control

He puts everything in the garage. From car to work tools, from bicycles to furniture with cherished or unused items. I mean, it’s a small warehouse in which to fix everything and a little bit! For this very reason, having a secure garage is a lot of people’s priority. Not always the home alarm system is connected to it, both for economic reasons and for logistical reasons. You can, in fact, have a garage not directly connected to your home! Here is the world of the Internet of Things offers a smart device that is really functional and practical: Garageio!

How to be certain you have a secure garage

Garageio is a smart device that easily connects to smartphones, tablets or PCs via its app. It consists of a Blackbox, to be placed in the garage, and an app, to be installed on your device. Thanks to a WiFi connection, you will always have your precious garage under control. Wherever you are, at any time, you can access the app and verify that yours is a safe and quiet garage. You can enjoy a peaceful and peaceful day out of your home or on holiday. In case of suspicious movements, you will receive notifications and alerts directly on your mobile phone.

A simple and functional app

Thanks to Garageio‘s app, you can monitor the activities of your garage with just a few clicks. Compatible for both iOS and Android systems, Garageio is easy to use and understand. You will always have the certainty of a secure and controlled garage. Wherever you are, you can also proceed with the closing of the door or the opening of the door. Simple commands given by your smartphone will suffice. Finally, you will have the opportunity to set up recognized users to check their activities and give them permission to open or close the doors of your garage.

Garageio‘s BlackBox

The heart of this innovative and intelligent system, is the BlackBox. A device to be installed directly in the garage. Depending on the model you choose (there are 3) you can monitor 1 to 3 entry/exit ports, with no additional monthly costs. A real warranty for a secure garage.

More than a secure garage. An interactive garage

Thanks to Garageio‘s smart settings, you can integrate it with many other IoT devices. First of all, Amazon’s Alexa. The latter allows control of the garage via voice commands with recognition of your voice. But the list continues with IFTTT, Myknock, Amazon Fire TV, Stringify. Interesting isn’t it? Don’t miss all the other products to make your home smart too!

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