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NETATMO PRESENCE: outdoor camera for the safety of your home

Netatmo Presence is an outdoor safety camera that detects people, animals and cars in real time thanks to the built-in sensor.

Whenever someone hangs around their home or a car enters their private area (such as the garden), they are immediately notified through the dedicated app, available for iOS and Android. Also integrated is a 12 Watt smart lamp that only turns on when it is dark, illuminating the road. The light can also be a great deterrent for thieves and you can choose to set it with infrared night vision or you can just turn on the camera light.

The Netatmo Presence Camera is designed for outdoor use and resists weather (rain, wind, moisture, snow, dust, etc.) because it is coated with a particular material innovative, a thin film with HZO technology (developed in 2009 and used since 2012 in the industrial sector).

The body of the device is made of aluminium, which makes it extremely durable and durable, so completely weather-proof, and you don’t need to worry about external weather conditions.

Netatmo Presence can replace any existing lighting system and installs easily and quickly, like a common outdoor light spotlight.

Recorded videos are saved on the SD card (32GB capacity) included in the package, otherwise you can store them on the Cloud, such as Dropbox. You can also make backup copies directly to your own FTP server, with auto-save. Thanks to live streaming video, you are always able to control your home remotely, at any time, by accessing the dedicated app.


The latter allows you to configure the receipt of notifications, for example by customizing the “alert area”, i.e. the specific zone to be monitored thanks to the Alert-Zones function. So every time someone sets foot inside a certain area you will receive notifications such as: “identified person”, “detected car”, “spotted animal”, since the smart camera Netatmo can recognize and distinguish subjects and objects captured on video within a maximum distance of 20 meters.

You can also review everything that happened throughout the day using the time-lapse function in the application.

The latter is not only compatible with smartphones but also with tablets, computers and smartwatches, so you can control your home wherever and whenever you want, with your preferred device.

The design of Netatmo Presence is elegant, the dimensions are small (50x200x110 mm) and the quality of the video is excellent (full-HD and 100° field of view).

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