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Control devices with an app: try STRINGIFY

Lovers of technology and the world of the Internet of Things, today we talk about a really useful and practical app: Stringify. A revolutionary software presented at CES 2017 in Las Vegas and that really promises to make your life easier. The dream of controlling multiple devices with one app has thus become a reality. Whether it’s appliances, smart gadgets, smart security systems or interactive toys, it doesn’t matter. Stringify is an app for automating and controlling smart devices.

A few clicks to control multiple devices with an app

Available for both major operating systems, Android and iOS, Stringify is a very similar app to IFTTT, but much more powerful. In fact, it allows multiple controls and events to be combined with each other. Let’s make an example to clarify better. You can set a control for the lighting of your home by setting the lights on when you arrive at the house, but only if it is outside evening and it is dark. So, in case you get back in the middle of the afternoon, the lights would stay off. Brilliant, right? You can also set criteria for opening and closing the door or garage and for adjusting the temperature in the different rooms of the house,
Stringify is nothing more than a HUB that acts as a meeting point between smart objects and digital elements in order to facilitate daily actions through automatics.

Many benefits thanks to an app

In addition to simplifying everyday life, Stringify saves time, money, and effort with many automations that can be achieved. In addition to controlling multiple devices with an app, you can also interface with other applications. Stringify, in fact, integrates with numerous third-party services, from Alexa to Fitbit, from Steam to Twich, Facebook and Instagram, Garageio and Slack., and moti more. Let’s not forget, that it is compatible with the same and better known IFTTT.

Almost perfect

Stringify is still in beta, so it still has some bugs and poorly functioning, but the premises really bode well for something amazing.

Our articles presented intelligent devices of the world of the Internet of Things. While waiting for a stable version of Stringify, you can certainly begin to consider the potential of smart devices to organize a perfect smart home .

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