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Finding in order not to lose objects: the indispensable TRACKR

Bags, purses, duffles. You travel continuously, dividing between home, office, gym, museums, cars, restaurants and pizzerias. And it often happens that in the frenzy and hurry you have trouble finding the keys to the car, home, locker. But not only that. It can also be complicated to recover agendins, wallets, remote controls, and glasses holders. TrackR is the source for not losing objects, small, compact, but above all technological, connected and accessorized. Let’s find out together.

A find not to miss really smart objects

Made of aluminum, TrackR is a small, compact and designer smart device. Lightweight and functional can be used fulfills its function as a finder in order not to lose objects in an exemplary way. Despite the size, the battery can be changed without any difficulty thanks to the sled on the side. To activate the device, simply press the button on the front of TrackR and connect it via Bluetooth to the smartphone and its app. The latter has been developed to work perfectly on both iOS and Android systems. Once the finder is activated, the button will serve as a means of notification, customizable.

The accessories that make the difference

Although trackers on the market are multiple, TrackR stands out from its competitors thanks to its accessories. This smart device is equipped with a ring to attach to the keys or a carabiner or, again, a rubber pad to make it waterproof and protect it from falling.

Configuring the best finder to not lose objects

TrackR connects to your smartphone with a Bluetooth 4.0 connection. Simple and quick to configure, it is perfect for any type of user, from the most dismantled to the most impactful, technologically speaking. Once you have downloaded the app, from the Apple Store or Google Play, simply follow the instructions for proper configuration. Finish the settings steps, so you can never lose your objects, ready to lose your patience in looking for keys, remote controls, wallets.

The app screen is simple, clear and intuitive. By clicking on them, TrackR will start making a sound to help you find the object to which it is connected.

Small details that make a difference

With TrackR you can see the last tracker position on a map. You can also change notification tones, set a “silence” zone, turn on and off specific alerts in case the two devices go too far away.

Track Bravo is the flagship product developed and marketed by the company of the same name. In addition to it, you can opt for other models. TrackR Wallet, Credit Card Shape and TrackR Pixel, smaller and lighter. If you are interested in learning about other smart devices belonging to the Internet of Things (IoT) world, see thesection of our blog dedicated to them.

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