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Automatic interior perfume diffuser: AERA HOME, the perfect detail for a smart home

Increasingly popular and appreciated by families, singles, young couples, automatic perfume diffusers are now a must have. In recent years, manufacturing companies have invested in research and development in order to improve the characteristics of their products. An automatic interior perfume diffuser is today able to eliminate odors, but also to improve the mood of those living in the house.

Today we want to present a very special interior perfume diffuser, produced by Aera, and that represents the perfect detail for a smart home.

Aera and the perfume diffuser for interior smart

Aera offers high-end speakers, ensuring a constant fragrance throughout the home. Modern design, they are simple to install and maintain. The drops of perfume and essences are perfectly distributed inside the container so as not to lose their organoleptic characteristics. Fragrances will be released intelligently according to set parameters. The Aera Automatic Indoor Perfume Diffuser is a smart device because it is able to self-regulate the frequency of delivery according to the size of the room. This way you will not run the risk of the perfume appearing oppressive and excessive.

To each their own blend

The perfume diffuser for automatic environments made by Aera offers different mixtures to choose from. Each of these favors particular moods. Energy, concentration, serenity, general well-being are just a few examples. Depending on the mood you are looking for, you can choose a particular fragrance and live in perfect harmony with your home.

How does the AeraAutomatic Indoor Perfume Diffuser work?

Once installed, you can choose the scented capsule. Each capsule lasts about 60 days, when used around the clock in an average large environment. The Aera Automotive Perfume Diffuser can also integrate with Amazon’s Alexa device , so you can adjust each individual setting and guarantee a level of perfume optimal in any room. In addition, the automatic interior perfume diffuser controls are adjustable both manually and through the smartphone. Wherever you are, at any time, you can activate, monitor or stop the activity of the ambient perfume diffuser. Finally, thanks to the Aeraapp, you can adjust all levels of diffusion and scents of the environment with simple steps.

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