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10 Best Smart Light Switch Review

If you’re thinking of having a smart home, the first step will be the smart light switches! Turning your current dwelling into a smart one is an expensive task to accomplish if you go “all in.” But for those who are looking to dip toes into the smart home market with a little less effort- the best smart light switches are the choice!

Hence, the first step of the ladder starts by converting your ceiling onto the cloud. Best smart dimmer light switches are the easiest way to do that. Similar to traditional buttons, these can help do a bunch of innovative things. You can turn the light ON/OFF, dim them, even control by keeping your hand free. 

Yes! You read it right; these best smart light switches are compatible with the voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. Are you going on vacation? No worries! You can even schedule them to automatically turn ON/OFF to make it look like you’re at home.

Should You Bother Getting The Best Smart Light Switch?

If you always dreamt of having a smart home, then this might be your first step towards it. A smart light switch has a solid reason for its fame, i.e., easy to install! No need to carry a tool bag for fitting. Moreover, smart light switches can automatically control the lights, unlike the standard switches, and help you save up some bills.

Choosing the best smart light switch can be a tricky one for you as there are plenty of choices available in the market right now. Every model is better than the other to some extent. Our experts have reviewed a fair share of products to find the right one for you. Let’s explore some of the best smart light switches!

10 Best Smart Light Switch

1. Kasa Smart Light Switch – Best smart light switch with Easy Installation


East to Install

Kasa brings the easy installation to your doorstep! No need to understand the complex wirings and setup process. This Kasa Light switch needs the neutral and live wire to form the connections without any master or auxiliary switch configurations. Moreover, you can also install the Kasa app for guided information.

Control the Status

Monitor the light status from anywhere with this Best Smart light Switch! You only need the smartphone to turn the lights ON/OFF using the Kasa application. Didn’t like the idea? Let’s shift to the voice commands! You can also control the light’s status using the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa!

Convenience at its Best

As said earlier, you can control the status of light by setting up the voice commands. Keep your hand free and still turn the lights ON/OFF by these smart switches to have a perfect experience while your hand is full.

Schedule the Lights

Are you out of town? No worries! You can schedule the lights so that they can automatically turn ON/OFF. This way, no one is going to peek into your house, considering that you’re away. Not just this, but you can activate the “away mode” to protect your home from the intruders.

What do you need?

This Kasa smart light switch can easily replace the traditional ones in simple steps to bring the utmost comfort to your hands. You need the WiFi connection (2.4GHz type), Android 4.1 or higher, and iOS 9.0 or higher to complete the whole setup.  


  • Control from anywhere
  • Schedule is available
  • Away mode
  • UL Certified


  • A neutral wire is required.
  • No apple Homekit support

2. GoSund Smart Light Switch – Best Smart Light Switch with Power


Safe and Easy

This Gosund Smart Light Switch is Safe and secure to install! No need to ask for the professional’s help while setting up the whole thing. A 15A switch is way safer than a traditional 10A switch. Moreover, the manual guides you with the step by step process. What makes it convenient to install is its screwless Snap-On wall plate, which requires no additional tools to mount this switch. When it comes to safety, no one is even near this Gosund Smart Light Switch. It has the certification under the UL94-V0, FCC, ETL, and more to prevent the wiring from lightning and surges.

Perfect Synch

Installing this smart light switch presents you with the perfect synching, just like a smart home. The lights will automatically turn ON/OFF with the sunrise and sunset as per the stimulus of ambient light. Your room will welcome you once you come back after a long hectic day.

Anywhere Anytime

Control the lights and fans with the respective switches using your smartphone. Install the Gosund app and decide how much your house will illuminate. However, another noteworthy feature for this best smart light switch is you can control it via voice commands.


  • 15A powerful switch
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi
  • Gosund App support
  • Rocker Switch type


  • No 3-way support

3. Single Pole Treatlife Smart Switch – Best Smart Light Switch with Automation


Automatic Schedule

The reason for fame for this Treatlife Smart Switch lies in the automatic functionalities. Create a whole schedule to turn the lights ON/OFF at the required time and eliminate remotes or traditional switches. You can schedule your daily routine to have a well-lit home when you’re back from work. Apart from this, you can show your occupancy to intruders when not at the place! 

Install in Minutes

No need to take help from the electrician and spend dollars on the fitting! The manual will guide you with step-by-step instructions and the whole wiring process in simple and easy steps. You don’t need any hub for the connection, as this features a Snap-On wall-mount design.

Hands-free Convenience

Smart Life application supports the functionalities for this Single Pole Treatlife Smart Switch! But do you want something more advanced and innovative? This best smart life switch can also with the voice assistant, including Alexa and Google Assistant. You don’t need to leave the cozy bed to turn the lights ON/OFF when you can do the same with your voice.


  • Hand-free convenience
  • Simple wiring process
  • Schedule ON/OFF
  • FCC certified


  • Non-dimmable switch

4. GE 46201 Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Switch – Best Smart Light Switch with QuickFit


2nd Generation Design

Light switches are something that shows up on the wall and affects physical appearance! This GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus has an improved and stable design with a significant housing depth. There is no need to opt for the heat tabs utilizing the QuickFit elements of this best smart light switch. 

These QuickFit attributes are something that everyone looks for in a smart switching set. It includes easy installation, multi-gang configurations, compact style, and auto line-long sensing terminals.  

Easy Configuration

This best smart dimmer light switch holds the capability to configure the lights. It has the dual ground ports and daisy-chaining in a multi-switch setup. This way, you can easily control the switches remotely from your smartphone app.

Easy Home Automation

Smart homes are no more a dream for you now! Bring this best smart dimmer light switch for a more personalized, smart, and custom lighting experience. This smart switch can operate on its own, or you can create a custom schedule for it.

Full-Home Setup

This mode from the Z-wave Plus works with the full home coverage! You can repeat the Z-wave signal from the central hub for an extended setup that can reach 150 feet. It’ll increase the setup area to control the indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures with a single app or a voice command.


  • Easy Installation
  • Works with LED, CFL, and more bulbs
  • 150 ft. signal range
  • Dual ground ports
  • 2nd generation model


  • Not directly compatible with ECHO Plus

5. 3-Way Smart Switch by Treatlife – Best Smart Light Switch with 3-way Feature


Single Pole with Three-way

Are you tired of turning the lights ON/OFF? Get this three-way switch by Treatlife to control the light from one or two locations. You can utilize the one three-way or two three-way switches to expand the range of smart light switching, which lets you control the light status from different locations simultaneously. Have you got multiple entrances for a large room? Problem solved now!

Smart and Smooth Control

Treatlife enables smart home switching at a moderate price! This three-way light switch is an electrical appliance that makes the transition to a new smart home much more accessible. With the hands-free control, you can control the status of your room lighting using your voice commands.

Smart Automation

Are you going out on vacation? Let’s keep the intruders away from your home by employing these smart switch lights. You can control the lights from anywhere, using the best smart dimmer light switch and even show your presence by making an automatic turn ON/OFF schedule.

Reliable to Use

No need to worry about the surges, excessive current flow, and short circuits as this reliable light switch holds the certification from FCC & ETL. Moreover, the flame-retardant material and overheat protection enhances the safety of your family.  


  • Three-way switch
  • Single pole technology
  • 1250W power
  • Flame retardant material


  • The body of the switch is a little bigger

6. Refoss Smart WiFi Light Switch – Best In Terms Of Control


Easy Installation and Operation

This Refoss Smart Light switch is what you need when you think of easy installation! No need to pay extra to the electrician as this Refoss Smart switch is much easier to install than the traditional ones. However, make sure that the electric box has a neutral wire before you start installing this switch.

Control the Lights

Don’t want to leave the comfort of your bed to turn off the lights? Here is the perfect solution to all your problems. This Refoss light switch works fine with the ehomelife application by which you can check the current status of lights and even turn them ON/OFF. 

Moreover, apart from the application, these light switches are compatible with the voice assistants like Google and Amazon Alexa. Hence, with this best smart light switch for Google Home, you can enjoy the hands-free operation of lights at its best.

Reliable Connectivity

Are you tired of disconnections? Not anymore now! Bring this best smart light switch for a much reliable and firm connection. This Refoss Smart Switch is powered by the Mediatek loT chipset, which supports a long-range WiFi and a less offline rate.    


  • Automatic Turn ON/OFF
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi
  • Single pole
  • No hub required


  • Doesn’t pair with Smart WiFi mini outlet

7. Wemo Light Switch – Best Smart Light Switch for Google Home


Control with Voice

Are you tired of switching the lights ON and OFF frequently? No need to worry now! This WeMo Light Switch carries the voice assistant operations, which will ease down the struggle for you. You can replace the traditional switches in your home with this WeMo light to control your room or porch lights via Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Schedule the Lights

Isn’t it amazing that you can schedule the lights anytime from anywhere? It will not only help you get rid of extra electricity bills, but you can stop the intruders by turning the lights on even when you’re out of town. Also, apart from the remote access, you can schedule the lights to turn ON automatically at sunset.

Away Mode

This best smart light switch features another noteworthy attribute for its user, i.e., away mode. You can set the lights to turn ON/OFF randomly, which keeps the intruders or outsiders away from your home. Away mode will intelligently do this task on its own.


  • Schedule the lights
  • Feature the away mode
  • Perfect for Google Home
  • Powerful 1800 W


  • Not works with a 3-way switch.

8. Honeywell White UltraPro Z-Wave Light Switch – Best Smart Light Switch with Multiple Modes


Customizing Modes

This Honeywell UltraPro Z-Wave brings multiple modes into play! This smart light switch carries the wireless controls to customize the light operations for the day, night, home, or away situation. You can customize or schedule the lights from your smartphone. Tablet, PC, or even the Z-wave remote now.

In-Wall Connectivity

Are you converting the traditional home into the smart one? Then, this Honeywell Z-wave will be the best-suited choice for you! You can fit this smart light switch in place of the traditional ones in the wall in just 10 to 15 minutes. However, neutral wire is needed for the connection.

Hub Installation

This Z-wave UltraPro Smart Light Switch is compatible with the Z-wave Hub. It works with plenty of hubs stated as Honeywell, ring, smart things, HomeSeer, Fibaro, Trane, Nexia, ADT, and more. Moreover, it works well with all types of LED, CFL, and incandescent bulbs and devices.


  • Z-wave remote switch
  • Multiple control modes
  • In-wall installation
  • Works with all types of bulbs


  • Doesn’t work with Echo products directly

9. Meross Smart Light Switch – Best Smart Lights Switch for Alexa


Multiple Controls

Get rid of frequent disconnections with this smart light switch! Control the lights via remote or voice assistants from anywhere at any time. First of all, the Meross application will do the control job for you. You can wirelessly schedule the lights at the sunset or sunrise. It’ll save the electricity bills and reduce the massiveness of switching the lights ON/OFF.

Single Pole Installation

Installing this Smart Light Switch is no more a problem with this switch! It takes only 15 minutes to do the job without any expert electrician via a single pole installation method. Moreover, it is compatible with all gang sizes and the GFCI plate.

Reliable Connection Support

This Meross Light Switch has multiple other advantages as well, which serve you best in all conditions. It can save up some energy costs, and also supports the sunrise and sunset settings. A Meross Mediatek loT chipset further enhances the reliable connectivity support and avoids frequent disconnections.


  • No hub required
  • Long WiFi range
  • Works with all gang sizes
  • No hub required


  • Do not support Apple Homekit.

10. Smart Light Switch by Yeewell – Best Smart Light Switch for Alexa


Works fine with Google Home

This smart switch controller works well with your voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and more. This way, turning the lights ON/OFF is no more a hectic task to do. Just speak up what you want, and this smart light switch will listen to you. Also, there is no need for the hub installation.

Remote Control and Schedule

No need to turn the lights ON/OFF manually from the switch! Make it smart now! Yeewell brings this three-way smart switch with a specific control feature, which can control the lights of your room or porch from anywhere at any time. Do you have a pretty busy routine or are you going out for the vacation? No problem, activate the away mode or schedule the light to turn ON/OFF automatically.

All Accessories Included

This Yeewell comes with all the accessories, including a 2-gang control, single pole switch, switch panel, and more. The board supports only a one-way switch and is not compatible with the three-way.


  • CE/FCC/RoHS/ETL certified
  • Overheat protection 
  • Free application 
  • Custom schedule option


  • Not a three-way + dimmer 

Comparison Chart

ProductsDimensionSwitch typeAmperesColorNeutral wire neededVoice Control
1. Kasa Smart Light Switch1.50 x 3.30 x 5.00 inchesOne-wayWhiteYesAmazon Alexa or Google Assistant
2. Gosund Smart Light Switch4.7 x 2.8 x 1.3 inOne-way15AWhiteYesAmazon Alexa and Google Assistant
3. Single Pole Treatlife Smart Switch5.00 x 5.00 x 5.00 inchesRocker Switch10AWhiteYesAmazon Alexa and Google Assistant
4. GE 46201 Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Switch1.13 x 1.75 x 4.13 inchesThree-wayWhite & Light Almond YesAmazon Alexa and Google Assistant
5. 3-Way Smart Switch by Treatlife6.02 x 5.71 x 4.61 inchesThree-way15AWhiteYesAmazon Alexa and Google Assistant
6. Refoss Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch5.6 x 3.9 x 2.7 inches WhiteYesAmazon Alexa and Google Assistant
7. Wemo Light Switch5.10 x 3.31 x 1.70 inchesOne way15AWhiteYesAmazon Alexa and Google Assistant
8. Honeywell White UltraPro Z-Wave Light Switch1.75 x 1.75 x 4.1 inchesToggle Switch15AWhiteYesAmazon Alexa and Google Assistant
9. Meross Smart Light Switch2.8 x 1.7 x 1.2 inchesOne way15AWhiteYesAmazon Alexa and Google Assistant
10. Smart Light Switch by Yeewell5.3 x 4.8 x 2.1 inchesOne wayWhiteYesAmazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do smart light switches need a hub for installation?

A. It solely depends on the technology type of the switch. If it has WiFi support, they can directly make contact with the smartphone while on the contrary, Z-wave or Zigbee products need a hub.

Q. Do you need the neutral wire?

A. Yes, the neutral wire is required for most of the new models of smart light switches.

Q. Do these smart light switches worth it?

A. Yes, they indeed do! These smart light switches bring ease and smartness at the best possible cost. You don’t need to change the bulbs but only the traditional controls to add convenience to your life.

Q. How to connect WiFi with the smart light switch?

A. Once you’re done with the installation, it’s time to connect the switch with WiFi. What you need to do for this is to install the corresponding application from the manufacturer and follow the instructions. It’ll automatically connect the switches.


Therefore, considering this an era of evolution, every industry is growing at a rapid pace. With that, the home appliances are also receiving an upgrade with each passing day. It’s time to make your home smarter than before! 

But we won’t suggest you change every electrical appliance in this regard but act smart in this situation. Bring these best smart light switches to your home setup to enjoy convenience and comfort. Control all the lights even when you’re away from home!

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