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VIEW: dynamic smart glass for smart home and building

The technology is extraordinary and as often noted, IoT changes our lives and our homes for the better, making them smart home.

Thanks to smart dynamic windows that filter the sun’s rays according to your preferences.

View’s dynamic glazing optimizes the interior by changing color, filtering the sun’s rays or ensuring proper privacy. They are often installed in hotels, offices, hospitals, but they can also value your home. Obviously in a smart way.

Smart glass management can be carried out through your devices connected to the internet from anywhere in the world, simply inside the home or automatically through pre- settings or through sensors.

By filtering the sun’s rays, especially during warmer hours, you can save yourself in cooling costs by providing an ideal internal temperature and brightness.

Surely we will go back to the topic forward, meanwhile enjoy the video and take a look at the website. Comment, we will also cover the topics of interest to you.

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