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SAMSUNG 130 Inch Laser Projector with Alexa | Ultimate Review

If you are looking to buy a new projector for your home theater system, you may be wondering what features to look for. Let us talk about Samsung 130 Inch Laser Projector with Alexa, Ultrashort-throw, HDR10+, Built-in woofers, and more. Keep reading to learn more about the latest laser projectors. If you’re looking for an affordable projector with a great display and powerful features, read on to learn more.


An Ultrashort-throw Samsung 130 Inched Laser Projector can turn any room into a home cinema. Although a personal cinema screen cannot compete with the size of a real theater screen, it can help you enjoy your favorite movies in the privacy of your own home. The projector measures just 21.6 inches long and 10 inches wide, making it convenient to use in any room. Another advantage of this ultra short throw projector is that you do not have to worry about installing it because it’s designed to sit on a shelf.

The Ultrashort-throw Samsung 130 Inches Laser Projector has a number of benefits, including its shortest throw distance and higher contrast. Its image quality is excellent, and its curved remote makes it convenient to operate. Although the Optoma P2 offers a brighter image, it’s better for rooms with low ambient light. In addition, the Samsung LSP7T provides a better on-screen interface.

One of the best features of this projector is its ability to display HDR content. Its triple laser technology helps you view images in full color, eliminating ghosting and glare. The 2,800 ANSI lumens enables it to deliver crisp, clear images. It also supports HDR10+ and eliminates motion smoothing effects, meaning your movies will look amazing even when you’re sitting close to the screen.

Another benefit of ultra-short-throw projectors is that they’re generally more affordable than their longer-throw counterparts. The LG HU85LA boasts three lasers, a fan that’s quiet and is designed to operate without sacrificing brightness. It’s also one of the cheapest ultra-short-throw projectors on the market. Unlike the Samsung 130 Inch Laser Projector, the WeMax Nova boasts native 4K resolution, not pixel-shifted 1080p. Bright colors, crisp contrast, and an overall good picture make the WeMax Nova a great choice.

One of the most important advantages of this Ultrashort-throw Samsung 130 Inches Laser Projector is the size. Its size will allow you to position it right against your screen or wall. You can also fit multiple units close together to create a larger screen. Choosing the correct size projector is crucial to your home theater setup. You should also consider the price before deciding to buy one.


The SAMSUNG 130 Inch Laser Projector supports high dynamic range and HDR10+, and has a wide color gamut for vivid details. As a 4K Ultra Short Throw projector, it sits right in front of the projection screen. Its triple laser technology provides superior contrast detail and a 2,800 ANSI lumen peak brightness for optimum viewing in any well-lit room.

The SAMSUNG 130 Inch Laser Projector is compatible with HDR10+ content and has a dynamic metadata engine that ensures better picture quality than traditional projector bulbs. The projector also supports UHD Alliance Filmmaker Mode, which optimizes content according to the intent of the creator instead of allowing the default picture modes to change the content. Samsung claims its projector will last up to 20,000 hours.

The LSP9T features built-in woofers and Acoustic Beam surround sound, which delivers 40W of sound and 4.2 channels. The sound system is capable of delivering a full-range audio experience, so there’s no need to invest in additional speakers. Unlike many other projectors that require wall mounts, this model is flat on a shelf. This means that it won’t be too bulky to mount on a wall, making it easy to store and move around.

Despite its relatively low price, the Samsung Premiere has many benefits. Its impressive 4K resolution is a major selling point. It can fit in a living room with little space and still produce a big image. The throw of the projection screen is only 23cm, making it a great option for rooms with limited space. Moreover, it comes with a 12-month warranty.

The Samsung 130 Inch Laser Projector HDR10 Plus has some peculiar picture flaws. The most striking of these is a feature called ‘Rainbow Effect’, which produces pure red, green, and blue stripes over dark highlights. The Rainbow Effect is often associated with colour wheels, but the Premiere LSP9T does not use them. This causes colour refinement to suffer in dark scenes and over skin tones.

Built-in woofers

If you’re thinking about buying a new projector, you may be wondering whether you should buy one with built-in woofers or not. While you can choose between the two, I recommend you opt for the latter. Samsung’s 130-inch model comes with built-in woofers, which add to the immersive sound quality. Additionally, it also comes with Samsung’s Acoustic Beam surround sound, which means you won’t need any additional speakers.

One of the major downsides of buying a laser projector is that you have to spend an arm and a leg on speakers. If you’re looking for the best sound quality, consider buying a unit with built-in woofers. This is a great option for people who love movies, but don’t want to spend a fortune on separate speakers. However, if you’re looking for an audio system that isn’t overly pricey, opt for a Samsung model. The built-in woofers let you listen to music and movies without amplification.

Other notable features of Samsung’s projector include HDMI ports with eARC support, an Ethernet connector, and a satellite tuner connection.This ultra-high-end model of the 130-inch laser projector is a coveted model. However, it’s important to note that there’s a step-down model in the market that has similar features and costs half the price of the LSP9T.

Samsung’s projectors come with the Filmmaker mode, which is specifically designed to deliver the output as intended by the director. The Samsung Smart TV platform comes with pre-installed popular OTT apps, including the Samsung TV Plus. It also has features such as Tap View and Mirroring. There are some other benefits to Samsung’s projectors, but the biggest is that it’s one of the best choices for high-quality multimedia enjoyment.

The Samsung Premiere projector is an ultra-short throw 4K laser projector that projects a picture up to 13 inches diagonally. This model comes with both dual-channel speakers and an additional subwoofer. Both models boast superb built-in acoustics, which rivals the subwoofers on other models. This projector also has smart TV features, including the Samsung Smart TV platform.

Acoustic Beam surround sound

With its large size, the SAMSUNG 130 Inch Laser Projector replaces the need for an extra TV or sound system. It sits on the floor, in front of the wall or screen, with built-in woofers and fabric finishes. This model also features a surround sound system that imitates the experience of being in the center of a concert, even with no additional speakers.

If you’re looking for a high-quality projector with Acoustic Beam surround sound, the SAMSUNG 130 Inch Laser Projector may be for you. This device features three independent lasers that each give off a different color signal. The signal passes through a prism system, lenses, and light guides, resulting in a final image that is as crisp and clear as a professional studio. This model’s complexity lies in its precision components, image processing algorithms, and the materials it’s made of.

The SAMSUNG 130 Inch Laser Projector also features ultra-short throw technology. It delivers a 130-inch display when leaned against a wall. It also has an Acoustic Beam surround sound system and built-in woofers. The Samsung Premiere SP-LSP9T features a Samsung Smart TV interface, and mobile connectivity. The price difference between these two models is almost negligible.

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