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How to cure hair. The answer comes from the smart brush.

Beauty and hair health are two fundamental aspects for every woman. Having a manicured, thick and healthy head of hair is everyone’s dream. Two behemoths like L’Oreal and Withings know this well, which is why they joined together to develop a smart solution. How to cure brittle, dyed, thick, curly, smooth, thin hair, will no longer be a dilemma. The smart brush has arrived. Let’s see together what it is and its main features

How to cure hair intelligently

Kerastase and Withings’s innovative brush consists of countless sensors that can monitor how the user combs. Once the data collected has been recorded and processed, the smart brush, via the app connected to it, provides comprehensive feedback with advice on how to care for hair. There will be no such more excuses. Our hair will always be perfect and healthy. Let’s find out more details about how the smart brush works.

Technical characteristics

In addition to sensors designed to collect data to analyze, the smart brush is equipped with a microphone. The latter is able to perceive the sound of the brush, capturing its strength and intensity.
The speed and inclination of motion are, on the other hand, detected by an accelerometer and a gyroscope. In case of too vigorous brushing, you can immediately pick up the error by changing the intensity. The 3-axis load cells, on the other hand, are intended to measure the force applied to both the hair and the skin.
Finally, a conduction sensor is able to understand whether the hair is dry or wet.

How to cure hair to always be tidy and well combed

The data collected by the microchips inserted into the brush, is subsequently analyzed by an App. First, though, they are transmitted to it thanks to a WiFi or Bluetooth connection. The app compares collected data with a number of external conditions. Humidity, temperature, wind and UV will no longer be a problem to think about. The app will provide advice and guidance on how to brush and style your hair depending on the external conditions and nature of your hair.
I mean, a real intelligent revolution allied to women. A practical and concrete example of how Internet of Things smart devices can be used by anyone and for every single daily gesture.

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