LUMO LIFT, the wearable sensor against back pain

On the market of connected objects, devices designed and designed to solve health problems are increasingly coming into the way.

Lumobodytech, for example, has put on the market a new and useful wearable smart device , designed to maintain the correct posture of the back.
Lumo Lift is the name of the product, which alerts us, via vibration, if we are assuming incorrect posture.

This sensor, when applied to our underwear, is able to control our posture at all times of the day and allows us to keep it correct.

The best prevention to avoid back pain is to hold a proper position and the Lumo Lift wearable device was invented for precisely that.
Finally, thanks to this sensor, we can avoid annoying back pain, resulting from the wrong posture and all other related side effects.
Lumo Lift is really a very small Hi Tech device , little bigger than a button, weighs only 14 grams and can be fixed on the underwear or bra, thanks to a clip Magnetic

Like most wearable devices, the Lumo Lift connects via bluetooth to the smartphone, through the appropriate application available for both Android operating systems and systems Operating iOS, this allows us to view day by day how long we took a correct position, but also how long we kept a wrong position.

The principle on which this mini device acts is based on the integrated accelerometer.

Simply set the correct position and establish a permissible bending margin, after this margin the device alerts us to excessive inclination, reminding us to assume the appropriate posture. Turning on Coaching Mode, which has a manually set duration, from 5 minutes to four hours, the vibration remains active until the correct position is resumed.
Moreover thanks to the built-in pedometer we can also know the number of steps taken during the day, and in addition we can also monitor the physical activity performed, Lumo Lift will be able to tell us how many calories we consumed.
The battery of the small smart object has a lifespan of 5 days and recharges in two hours.

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