CANNADX: Portable cannabis sensor and analyzer

Cannadx is a sensor that allows you to test the quality of cannabis and analyze THC in detail, which is one of the largest and best known active ingredients found in hemp. This is possible in minutes and wherever you are, given the portability of the device.

Cannadx also detects cannabinoids such as CBN and CBD and over twenty terpenoids, providing detailed analysis of the barrel. Based on the composition of the latter, by comparing the data within the proprietary database and processing the various consumer reviews, you can learn about the symptoms that might unleash the consumption of cane. It is therefore useful to prevent certain problems and to find the best strain.

The analyzer is reliable and easy to use.

It is mainly aimed at consumers but also at cannabis producers and distributors, who with Cannadx could make targeted and intelligent decisions, such as using cannabis in medical field in a legitimate way, thanks to the accurate and transparent scientific data provided by the apparatus. Cannabis contains more than 400 compounds: cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenoids, fatty acids, etc. having different pharmacological properties and therefore potential medical uses.

Terpenoids, for example, give cannabis the complex mix of taste and smell that are distinctive and that affect the effects of cane in the human body.

Cannadx uses the Total Canna Profile (TCP), which allows a complete view of most of the chemical components and then you can monitor the effects, allowing users to predict so most reliable the physiological impact of cannabis in their body

The MyDX Total Canna Profile is instead a cannabis index based on a set of algorithms and associated data, resulting from the use of the MyDX portable analyzer and dedicated mobile application. TCP is essentially a summary of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and other compounds detected by the sensor. It provides users with the ability to find strains of cannabis suitable for them and to correlate them with desired effects, such as feeling relief or that of particular happiness.

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