MOTIV RING: the titanium smart ring

The world of the Internet of Things offers a very wide range of activity trackers.

Smart wearable accessories, equipped with advanced technologies, but they still cannot find the right compromise between functionality and discretion, so in the market we find smartwatches too cumbersome and fitness bands too uncomfortable. Wearable that precisely because of their visual appearance, they can not be worn on all occasions.
Let’s face the truth, those who commit to wearing a device day and night, week after week, should not find themselves forced to choose between style and comfort and maybe finally someone will have to is made aware.

From innovative microtechnology comes Motiv Ring, the first fashion activity tracker.

The company, in line with users’ thinking and also a bit with fashion, re-imagined the smart wearable accessories, and designed a stylish and trendy solution, a smart ring.
The parent company with its back, three years of study and related development, managed to obtain this finished product, ready for the mass market and qualifies as a pioneer of new processes and innovative production techniques.

Motiv Ring is a real Hi Tech jewel; it works more or less like all activity trackers, although the sensors integrated inside it, are many if we consider the real device size relative to the ratio of other similar IoT objects.
These sensors are used to measure physical activity, resting and active heart rate, calories burned, walking steps and even sleep quality.

Motiv Ring also pushes the most sedentary user to move as much as and when he should, so he also carries out a persuasive and motivational activity.

Like all similar devices, the smart ring has a technological heart that collects data and sends it via bluetooth to a connected device. The application, available for Android and iOS systems, can be installed on smartphones or tablets and allows us to analyze the data collected, generating charts and statistics.

This small wearable with titanium coating, is available in two colours, silver and rose gold, is very light, waterproof and has an autonomy ranging from three to five days with a full charge depending on usage, it charges it to any USB port and is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.

The Motiv Ring then does everything an activity tracker should do but discreetly and with a hint of glamour.

Il Motiv Ring fa quindi tutto ciò che dovrebbe fare un activity tracker ma con discrezione e con un pizzico di glamour.

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