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The anti-stress object of the IoT: here’s THYNC

Goodbye stress, anxiety and difficulty taking sleep.

The fantastic world of theInternet of Things features a functional and practical anti-stress object . The result of years of studies and research, Thync is a mood-changing device promoting calm and concentration. By exploiting low-intensity electrical stimulation, the human body and mind are induced to reduce stress, favoring peaceful and peaceful sleep. Thync is suitable for all people looking for relaxation. It is composed of a device to be applied on the back of the head and of course an app to be installed on your device, be it a smartphone, tablet or iPad.

Thync’s project, the stress relief object to sleep well

Like all smart objects in the Internet of Things, Thync can seem sci-fi, too. At the base of this anti-stress object are years of study by leading members of the university and medical world. Neuroscientists and engineers from leading American universities, such as Harvard, Standford and MIT, collaborated together in the making of Thync. The project was supported by private lenders, obtaining over $13 million in funding.

An anti-stress object suitable for everyone

If you suffer from anxiety, stress and struggle to sleep, Thync is the solution to your problems! The team of developers of this anti-stress object, guarantees the promised results, strong of the numerous tests carried out and the testimonies received. Thync’s programmes include deep sleep and complete relaxation . The first ensures the attainment of a state of absolute calm and serenity , aimed at achieving the real rest of mind and body . The second program, on the other hand, promises the abandonment of anxiety and negative thoughts, in favor of relaxation.

How Thync works, the anti-stress object that will revolutionize your lives 

It is enough to follow three simple steps to say goodbye to anxiety and stress. Connect your smart device with the downloaded app. Place Thync on the neck. Choose and select your chosen neurostimulation program and press play. Welcome sleep and relaxation! Through low-level electrical stimulation, particular nerve endings present on the head and neck are activated. Such endings, communicate with precise areas of the brain, used to control stress levels, mood and sleep quality. The beneficial effects of this fantastic anti-stress object are tangible from the first use.

A daily gesture for lasting well-being 

Many studies and research have shown the severity of adverse health effects, caused by stress and lack of sleep. Preventing disorders and complicationsis now possible thanks to Thync, the anti-stress object of the world of smart objects. In order to achieve better results, it is advisable to use Thync on a daily basis, as if it were a routine to follow. Constant use, in fact, amplifies the beneficial effects, first reducing stress and allowing a healthy and relaxing rest. Why give up health, well-being and happiness?!

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