WITHINGS: Smart Blood Pressure Control

Simple, quick, accurate, lightweight and connected to your smartphone or tablet.

Suitable for every type of person and innovative design, with Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor you will always have blood pressure under control in a smart way, in the easiest way it exists. After wrapping the bracelet around your arm, turn on the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor and launch the Health Mateapp . You will receive real-time data about the average pulse per minute, maximum and minimum heart rate, directly on your smartphone or tablet.

Wireless technology allows easy, remote monitoring, without the need to be close to the patient by a doctor.

Increased clarity and clinical detail that, thanks to Withings‘s cloud, generatesstatistics and savesyour heart’s progress over time. With a simple button it will be possible to share this data directly with a doctor or your trusted doctor. The ability to monitor the course of the heart through accurate statistics facilitates the work of the doctor who can better diagnose any heart problems. The statistics are so easy to understand that they allow a superficial diagnosis by the patient himself that, in this way, he can verify the effectiveness or otherwise of his care in each moment. In addition, the power of the cloud allows this data to be found anytime and anywhere in the world.

The data is displayed according to a color-divided scheme, studied and shared specifically by ESH (European Society of Hypertension) and the AHA (American Heart Association), the main world associations aimed at the prevention of hypertension.

The scientific relevance of the data and, how the individual is monitored, have made the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor an essential tool for everyday life. Thanks to its technical innovation, it has received a resolution by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA and complies with all European standards on devices Clinical.

It has also been clinically tested in New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

In the age of internet and digital it is now useless to stay back. sometimes it is more important to know the course of the heart over time than beats per minute at a particular juncture. Update your way of controlling blood pressure and start assessing the possibility of always having your life under control. Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is on the market at a highly competitive price because, health, must be within reach of everyone.

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