Monitor your sleep: SENSE, the smart device to improve your rest

To always be at the top and face the daily life of an increasingly hectic life and with an inciting rhythms, you need to rest well.

Often, however, the quality of sleep is not optimal and we wake up more tired and tired than before. Monitoring sleep and understanding what to do to improve resting cycles and surroundings can bring many benefits. Sense is the smart sleep tracker that records the various stages of sleep and the parameters of the room where you sleep.

A luminous sphere to monitor sleep and change habits

Hello is the San Francisco-based company that conceived and developed Sense, a smart device belonging to the fantastic world of the Internet of Things. A smart object to monitor sleep, with a modern and well-groomed design, simple and well adaptable to all styles of furniture. Sense consists of a light ball to be placed on the bedside table next to the bed and a clip-like “pill” that attaches to the pillow. The sphere, in addition to monitoring sleep, records several parameters necessary for assessing the environment in which you sleep. From the temperature to the degree of humidity in the room, from the sounds to the intensity of light , from the concentration of carbon dioxide to Air quality: here is the data that this cute little smart object can perceive and process. The data collected is then compared with those of the ideal room. The “pill” to be applied to the pillow, on the other hand, monitors the movements you make at night. Once the recording of a sleep cycle is finished, Sense processes all data and provides a detailed report on the positive and critical aspects of the rest period.

The pleasantness of an awakening that puts the charge

Thanks to data processing, Sense is not limited to monitoring sleep, but waking you up gently at the best time (according to obviously the time set) so that you are not traumatized by a abrupt awakening. Thanks to Sense you will certainly have an extra gear from the morning!
Through the application linked to Sense, you can consult a series of graphs related to your sleep, including an assessment score on the quality of your rest, a description of the phases that you went through overnight and trends over weeks and months. Sense doesn’t just monitor sleep, it also suggests what to do to improve it.

A sweet lullaby

To promote a rejuvenating rest, at your request, Sense can emit sounds that promote sleep. These sounds are also able to cover the disturbing noises of the night, ensuring the tranquility and serenity necessary for rest.
Sense is just one of many examples of intelligent objects that the IoT universe offers to people, to improve their everyday life.

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