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Monitor workouts: OMSIGNAL the smart wearable

Sports training is now a routine for all those people attentive to their physical and mental well-being. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a run, a gym session, a walk or a swim. Movement is good for the human body, it’s a fact. There are many parameters to keep under control during the practice of activities. Here, therefore, a question arises. How to monitor workouts? OmSignal is the perfect wearable to keep track of all data and physical parameters! A revolutionary device that easily attaches to the t-shirt.

From heartbeat to movements performed: here’s how to monitor workouts

OmSignal’s smart device allows you to monitor your workout in all its aspects. From heartbeat to breathing, to the number of calories consumed. Simply attach the smart device to the sensor-equipped fitness t-shirt, always with OMSignal signature, and connect the two devices via Bluetooth connection. In addition to talking to each other, these smart devices, thanks to 4.0 low power, will dialogue with your smartphone. The experience will be so complete. A very interesting novelty compared to other workout monitoring objects, is the possibility of not keeping the device connected to the smartphone during training. The data can be downloaded later via the app.

Monitor heartbeat, respiratory rate and intensity in any condition

You won’t have any more excuses. Even with snow or rain, OmSign’s smart device works perfectly. The battery has a fairly high average life, allowing about 30 training sessions. On any occasion, you can monitor your workouts with precision, punctuality and without sacrificing comfort. OmSignal tracking has been designed not to cause any kind of disturbance during sports sessions.

Smart T-shirts to monitor key parameters during sports

In addition to the tracking device, OmSignal has made a series of smart t-shirts. These feature sensors and data detectors during sporting endeavors. Despite the presence of microchips, the T-shirts withstand the weather and can be machine washed. If these smart wearables had a limited series at the beginning, you can choose from a number of models to date. Today, that even the eye requires its share, OmSignal has introduced several models to the market. Not just for him, but for her as well. All to discover and try. Last arrived and absolutely to try the OmSignal Bra. A comfortable, comfortable and perfect sports bra for all women who want to keep fit with sports training by monitoring their data. Smart objects designed and manufactured for sports purposes are so many. Technology is now one of sportsmen’s best friends. Thanks to technological innovation, it is now possible to constantly monitor vital parameters and understand how to improve performance.

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