Smart pillbox so you don’t forget anything: here’s PILLDRILL

A pill can literally save life. Why risk forgetting her?

The world of the Internet of Things is a valuable and fundamental support for the health and health sector, so much to talk about smart healthcare. Pilldrill is the IoT device that reminds you to take one or more pads. Ideal especially for older people, it is an intelligent object that can give peace of mind to children often engaged in intense working days, with a thousand commitments and who do not always have the ability to monitor their parents.

A smart pillbox with dual function

If, on the one hand, Pilldrill remembers to take medicines at days and times set according to every single need, on the other hand, thanks to the possibility of being connected to an app easily downloadable on all smartphones, allows you to monitor the effective administration of drugs.  Pilldrill is the smart pillbox that helps individuals and their family members. A single kit includes the Pilldrill Hub, two weekly pillbox trays, 12 scan tags and the Mood Cube. A set of smart objects that help you manage the administration of drugs with confidence and simplicity .

How the smart pillbox works

Pilldrill sets itself according to specific pill administration programs. You simply need to program the smart pillbox to emit an audio signal when it’s time to take the medication. For this purpose, Wi-Fi and power supply are required. The type of sound and light intensity are customizable. The screen placed on the hub provides precise information about the dosage of the drug, while the buttons allow you to retrace your daily history and future schedules.
Each pack of drugs can be marked with a custom tag that the smart pillbox registers and activates the moment the cure begins. Programming can be daily or weekly

Register your status

Thanks to the Pilldrill Mood Cube it is also possible to monitor the mood of the user. On the hub of the smart pillbox, in fact, there are emoticons characterized by facial expressions that represent the main moods.

Notify your loved ones that you have taken medicines

Thanks to the app connected to the smart pillbox, you can monitor your medication in real time. The app is useful for the user thanks to alerts remembering to take the pill, but also to family members who can check the mood of their loved one and whether or not they have taken all the medicines. The app is compatible on both Android and iOS system and notifications can be set as well as on the smartphone, also on e-mail or sms.

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