How Wearable Technology Redefines Disabled and Elderly People’s Life!

Wearables are one of the most exciting options for the elderly and disabled people’s life. With the elderly and disabled people, the population was growing parallelly with the evolution in the world of technology. IoT finds its path in every possible way that could comfort the elderly and disabled people. It could possibly be used to monitor their health, make them feel connected to the world, and assist them in the real world. Among all monitoring, health in an automated way is the preliminary step in the disabled and elderly people’s life.

The medical alert system that is designed with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT, and Cloud technology, opens a unique way in health monitoring and detecting the emergency events taking place. In order for the designed system to work not only in real-time but also it could be used in future predictions about medical emergencies beforehand, make better preventive decisions, and lead a better lifestyle.

How unique is this system?

Connectivity is the foundation: When it comes to IoT, it rather sends the data to the cloud for processing or it does edge-computing bringing the cloud near to the ground. Whatever it does, it ensures that it is connected to the network. This feature makes the end customer (disabled or elderly) feel connected and grow along with the rest of the world whether he/she aged 20 or 80.

Analysis and predictions: This innovation provides the specially-abed and elderly with a feasible approach to monitor their health by their caretakers/hospitals. We make future predictions and analysis for identifying problems beforehand, to make better preventive decisions, and to lead a better lifestyle.

Training with synthetically generated data: Synthetic data, because it makes the AI system more accurate and cost-effective. Since our application is mainly focused on medical emergencies the AI system should have a solid accuracy rate.

Permanent cure of disability: The synthesized data is useful for preventing disabilities right at birth and during the life span. For example, we find out the correlation between affected patients and such data is used to tune our system in outputting precautions when faced with sudden accidents.

Emergencies: Our device is a lifesaver in emergencies. For instance, if it detects a person’s heartbeat is fishy, it sends an automated alert to the caretakers, loved ones, emergency services. This is highly beneficial in remote areas or closed places where access to emergency services is poor. “We ensure safety even before an ambulance arrives on the scene”.

Other functions: Scheduling appointments, health check-ups right from home, reporting assigned caretakers/hospitals to our customer care team if they fail to analyze the reports. We make sure the voice of specially-abled or elderly is empowered.

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