Artificial intelligence to stay fit and live well

Imagine yourself during a training session, maybe on a day when the desire is missing and the forces are not felt. All it would take is an incitation, a phrase of encouragement, and you would feel ready and motivated to resume the exercises again. From today, thanks to Vi and artificial intelligence, all this is possible. There is the best personal trainer ever tried. His voice, spread through the earbuds, will send positive inputs to your brain, affecting your heartbeat and activity.

The common factor of 4 products in one: Artificial Intelligence

There is a smart device with 4 different functions. Perfect for any type of workout With this smart device you can monitor your heart rate at rest and under strain, record all your efforts and activities during fitness hours, listen to music, podcasts and audiobooks, support calls and be motivated by your best personal coach AI.
It easily connects you to your smartphone directly via the dedicated app. The set up to be done is really very simple and intuitive, and still guided step by step. It can also be integrated with the most polar online platforms, such as Spotify and Strava.

Achieving Fitness Goals With AI

With you can set the milestones you prefer and of course customize them. The artificial intelligence at the base of this smart device will help you reach them, accompanying you in every single step.

You want to lose weight? You are able to motivate you every day, recording the steps forward and accompanying you in reaching your milestone.
Your greatest desire is to change lifestyle? It will help you adopt good and healthy habits and find and follow the best routine for your well-being.
Do you want to have fun and prevent injuries? Perform the most interesting and fun post workout exercises, monitor and verify the performance of stretching and stretching, are Vi’s tasks.

Better lifestyle and better fitness

With the support of you you can regain your desired fitness and live fully every day, with good mood and well-being, both physical and mental. There is much more than one headset, something better than a personal trainer, a much more than smart device for the strong presence of artificial intelligence.

There is only one of the many examples of sports smart devices offered by the Internet of Things world. There are hundreds and thousands of smart items that can support your workouts. You only have to read the articles in the Sports and Healthcare section of our blog to realize the enormous impact and real potential that smart devices have!

LifeBeam offers other IoT sports devices equipped with artificial intelligence to monitor your performance during your sessions. Truly interesting are the hats and helmets for cycling equipped with smart sensors.

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