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Smart workout: It’s no longer science fiction

Sculptural body, enviable fitness, general well-being. By now these states are no longer associated with sweat, fatigue and, why not, boredom. Caring for your physical has become a pleasant activity, which can certainly cost you fatigue, but that if done by interacting can become really pleasant! Thanks to the innovative GymCraftstart up, recognized as one of the best IoT companies of 2017, intelligent training has turned into interaction, virtual reality and connection. In this article we try to understand in detail what it is and why it is suitable for anyone, even the laziest!

A smart and profitable workout thanks to GymCraft

The nature of GymCraft is twofold. If on the one hand it can be considered a software platform, on the other hand it is a company that develops video games. By uniting the two realities, you can tell that she is the mother of intelligent training. Its fitness products allow people from all over the world to connect and interact. Forget traditional training closed in a gym, without interactions or evolving landscapes. With GymCraft tools, you will be pushed beyond the boundaries of virtual reality. You will experience a unique fitness experience: utterly engaging and socially connected.
Smart training will help your motivation to continue your fitness sessions, having fun and fuelling healthy and pure competition.
No matter where you are, whether in the living room, in a gym or in a garage, GymCraft products will be like being anywhere in the world.

Fun and Fitness

Training sessions become real competitions. You can challenge your friends or anyone in the world with fitness exercises. I mean, you’re going to have fun, taking care of your fitness.

Continuous connection

By connecting tools to the app and monitoring devices via Bluetooh, you can control your activity and all the parameters connected to it.

Virtual reality

Connecting the tool to the smart VR device, you won’t feel like running or cycling in a closed room, but you’ll have the feeling of taking part in a real race.

The best products for a smart workout

GymCraft has developed 3 main products that will make your workout enjoyable and fun.


A real game that connects via Bluetooth, USB or WiFi to sports equipment. Wearing it will be possible to play sports exploring virtual landscapes, while still standing in the same place. With FreedRiver you can challenge your friends and compete in virtual races worldwide. You can upload and store all results in the cloud and share them on major social networks.

SuperPlay Client

The smart device that allows you to choose different training and challenge modes. In addition to gaming mode, you will have the option to monitor your vital parameters, so you can have everything under control.

SuperPlay terminal

It is a fully integrated and high-quality solution. SuperPlay is the complete solution to practice smart training. You will train by living in 360 degrees a unique virtual reality. You will not have problems with cables and difficulties connected to them. The entire system is fully automated, therefore, ideal for both the home and public environment.

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