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Fitness and health smartwatch: here are the STRIIV signature models

Practice sports, keep fit, cure nutrition, generally live according to a healthy lifestyle. More and more people are longing for it. How? Playing sports, going to the gym, paying attention to nutrition. Wellness and health are key points of everyday life. The world of the Internet of Things has always taken care of this sector, launching hundreds of smart devices for HealthCare every year.  A noteworthy one, perfect for amateurs and agonists, is the fitness smartwatch designed and made by the Striiv team.

Vital parameters and activity monitoring with one fitness smartwatch

Striiv has made as many as 4 different smartwatches. Not only for the color and price, but also and, especially for the functions they present.

Apex HR

The fitness smartwatch that tracks progress on your well-being day in, day out, giving a rating on your lifestyle. Your heartbeat is like this at every instant monitored and recorded. Monitoring activity is 24/7. The data detected is not limited to heartbeat, but includes steps taken, distances covered by walking and calories burned. When you sleep, the sensor located within Striiv Apex HR includes the sleep phase and does not alter data processing.

Fusion Bio 2

A smartwatch for fitness, sleep and calling. In short, a real multi-function smart device. In fact, in addition to monitoring daily activities, Fusion Bio 2 also works at night, continuing to collect and analyze all your data. In the morning, you can view graphs and information about the quality of your sleep. Fusion Bio 2 is also in close contact with your smartphone. When you receive an incoming message or call, you will see who is calling you on the smartwatch display. You can also sync it with your personal calendar and receive notifications of scheduled appointments.

Fusion 2

In addition to all the features featured on Fusion Bio 2, this model allows you to track and receive advice on your personal diet and fitness. In the app there are numerous information sheets and control of weight, medicines, hydration levels and, of course, your eating regime. Many interesting features supported by a very durable battery: up to a whole month!

Fusion lite

Elegant, light, discreet and essential. It’s the Fusion Lite fitness smartwatch. Perfect for those who simply want a smart tool to monitor and track physical activity and receive notifications for messages and calls received.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have your well-being and health under control. The world of the Internet of Things is all to discover!

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