The smart jewel designed for women: BELLABEAT LEAF

The world of the Internet of Things offers us a wide range of wearable devices, with incredible features.

Many of these smart objects are designed and marketed with the aim of reaching the largest possible slice of the market, others are genuine niche products.

For example Bellabeat Leaf, the smart jewel that has been designed and designed exclusively for female users.
It is a very special wearable device, characterized by a unique and original design that holds inside a leaf shell its hi-tech nature.

Smart jewellery is the perfect gift, to make or make, for all women who are passionate about technology.

Integrated with other accessories created specifically to enrich the line, can be used as a neckline pendant, can be put on the wrist as a bracelet or hooked to clothes as a brooch and is available in four versions: Urban Rose Gold Edition, Urban Silver Gold Edition, Nature Rose Gold Edition, Nature Silver Gold Edition.

Let’s find out what this particular fashion accessory is for.

Bellabeat Leaf the smart jewel, in its first version, using its set of sensors, offered three features such as: sleep monitoring, monitoring physical activity (calories burned, steps taken etc.) and monitoring stress levels.
The second edition has integrated into this IoT gadget, a specific feature that makes it even more addressed to only female audiences, really very useful for women who are prepare to deal with pregnancy. By tracing the reproductive cycle, it notifies the arrival of menstruation, the period of ovulation and also helps us to keep the possible contraceptive therapy under control.

The smart jewel proposal has been very successful, Apple has also expressed a lot of interest in this product, and to take advantage of the feature has been paired with Cupertino’s group smartwatch .

Bellabeat Leaf is just one of three IoT devices made by the company and I assure you that the other two are extremely interesting as well.

Bellabeat Balance, is a scale that measures very accurately the changes in the weight of the woman during pregnancy but also those of the future unborn child, and Bellabeat Shell, is a ultrasound device that is able to detect the baby’s heartbeat and movements before childbirth.
These devices not only try to please aesthetically attentive women, but have a great utility

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