PKG: the smartwatch for Parkinson’s sufferers

This old principle fits in a brush if you talk about Parkinson’s disease, a neuro degenerative disease caused by the death of cells that are tasked with synthesizing and releasing dopamine, a neuro endogenous transmitter of the catecholamine family.

In order to better manage Parkinson’s, it is necessary to measure it, so that the PKG (Personal KineDigraph) can be a perfect ally, an innovative watch developed by Global Kinetics Corporation.

It is able to provide continuous assessments of the treatable but disabling symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, such as tremor, bradykinesia (slowing of voluntary movements) and dyskinesia ( abnormal and uncoordinated movement of muscles). In addition, the device provides an assessment of daytime sleepiness and an indication of propensity for impulsive behavior.

PKG consists of a motion recordingdevice, shaped like a wristwatch, which uses proprietary algorithms stored on the cloud and reports based on the data found in the database of the Global Kinetics Corporation. The latter are collected continuously during all daytime activities carried out within the home environment and can be programmed to remind the patient wearing the PKG watch take medications and record their intake on the device.

The watch, which falls within the IoT world of health, should be worn for a period of 6-10 days (usually one week).

At the end of this period, all collected data is uploaded to a database for later processing. Thus the patient can provide his doctor with all recorded information, such as moments of tremor or or immobility, which can also be seen through graphs that help his understanding.

The Personal KineTimraph can therefore be useful for: establishing a symptomatological baseline and monitoring responses to Parkinson’s treatment; guiding therapy based on results; identifying symptoms Classics of the disease but also non-motor ones, such as sleep and risk of ICD; get a full report on the patient suffering from the disease.

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