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SMAPPEE: the smart, consumptive solar energy monitor

Smappee is a solar energy monitor that allows you to detect the energy consumption, costs and performance of a photovoltaic system, in terms of efficiency, in real time.

The device therefore gives a complete view of both costs and revenues, whichcan be seen through the dedicated and free app, available for Android and iOS systems. To reduce the cost of energy consumption, Smappee even detects the consumption of stand-by power appliances . To increase revenues, however, the device allows you to check at any time the efficiency and production in kWh of your photovoltaic system, so it measures the performance of the panels  solar installed in their own home. And it does so a thousand times a second, to ensure 100% accurate calculations.

Smappee is compatible with any solar inverter and warns when consumption is higher than production, vice versa, you can optimize energy production and distribute it on a appliance of your choice.

Smappee is quick and easy to install: simply connect the device’s clamp sensors to the solar system’s energy meter and inverter. Before long you will have a real smart home, remotely controllable using the smartphone app. Through specific touch controls connect the various devices to each other, so as to communicate them, and via IFTTT, Smappee can be connected to any smart with IoT technology, also from other brands.

Smappee allows you to heat your home before returning to it, recognizes all appliances connected to the current thanks to their unique code, and pushes users who use to change their habits for the better but above all changes the costs of bills, reducing them by up to 30%. All this at the price of 349 euros, with “money back or money back” guarantee valid for 30 days.

Inside the package are: 1 Smappee Energy Monitor, 1 230V Power Cable, 1 Comfort Plug for remote control of appliances, 3 V cables and 6 clamps with one metre long cables and middle. For more details and purchase on Amazon: Click Here

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