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LIFX: smart WI-FI lamps for coloring your days

Lifx is a line of smart lamps, consisting of the classic version of Lifx, Lifx Plus, Lifx Z and Lifx Tile. The 3 lamps have similar characteristics, they differ only in the shape (in the case of Lifx Z and Lifx Tile) or in additional functionality (in the case of Lifx Plus).

Lifx and Lifx Plus are lamps that cannot be missed inside a smart home. Lifx is defined by the manufacturing company as “the reinvented bulb”. It is brighter than the classic lamps, in fact its characteristics are: 1,100 lumens, 16 million colors and 1,000 shades of white, from the warmest to the coldest.

Lifx works with the eponymous app available on the App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Store, for devices based on iOS 9 or later, or Android or Windows 10.

Simply mount the lamp, download and install the dedicated app and control the light from a distance. You can choose from a variety of shades, for warm or cold environments, cinema-effect scenery, or create relaxing moods. In addition all the bulbs installed are manageable by the mobile application even at a great distance, so you can turn on even while you are outside the house, to find your home on the return illuminated as you prefer. For example, if you host friends in the house, you can impress with special atmospheres never seen before, suitable for any situation.

According to product specifications, the life of the bulb is almost 23 years when turned on about 3 hours a day, and is efficient as it uses only 11 watts at full brightness.

The additional functionality in the Plus version is infrared night vision, so you can for example walk inside the house in the middle of the night using the own smartphone as a night viewer.

Lifx Z, on the other hand, more than a lamp is a one-meter long LED light strip consisting of 8 customizable zones with color tones of your choice.

Each pack includes two strips, for a total of two meters of full spectrum colored light (2,500-9,000K). As well as Lifx and Lifx Z , the guaranteed life of LEDs is approximately 23 years if they are switched on daily for 3 hours. You can apply Lifx Z light strips under the top doors of furniture, in the display windows, behind televisions or as frames to create wonderful lighting effects.

Ti piacerebbe avere una parete della tua smart home da colorare direttamente dalla tua app? La soluzione è LIFX Tile kit

Con LIFX Tile KIT potrai creare delle composizioni sulla parete di casa tua. Vengono forniti dei moduli quadrati piani di led configurabili dinamicamente. Puoi scegliere i colori, le combinazioni, la luminosità in modo da creare atmosfere uniche all’interno delle tua smart home. E’ possibile scegliere fino a 16 milioni di colori. 

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