API FORGE for the IoT: values, use cases, solutions and the Beeno platform.

FORGE API for the IoT: values, use cases, solutions and the Beeno platform.

The Internet of Things (IoT) nowadays is developing to a greater extent and in a wide range of fields. Some of the most amazing are – wearableshealth, agriculture, hospitality, water supply, management of Maintenance etc., since it is highly optimizable and adaptable, regardless of industry, the IoT always finds its potential application. Many of the successful IT companies have already begun to invest more in IoT.

Thanks to its reliability and scalability, the IoT provides new insights and a positive impact on applied business logic regardless of industry. The IoT, in short, is improving humanity in many ways such as smart homes, smart cities, communication, health monitoring, etc.

IoT is so powerful in offering a platform for connected objects (CO), it is not always an easy task to maintain and track its functions and potential.

In its back-end software architecture, the IoT is composed of a very complex set of protocols, routines and tools so it is always better to have a service-oriented interface called API ( Application Programming Interface).

What is an API (in general)?

An API is a software that talks interactively with another software. APIs act as intermediaries who deliver the request to a provider (who provides a response) and report the response from the provider who generated it.

To date people using the Internet in their daily lives have accessed and used APIs in several ways, such as:

Therefore, through APIs, there are numerous technological solutions that can reach people. APIs in other words can be described as building blocks for the Internet of the future that play a major impact role in human digital life.

The API market in the IoT ecosystem.

The IoT service API market is estimated to have an annual growth of +30%. As an IoT services marketplace, APIs play a critical role. It is well documented in fact that telecommunications API market revenues will reach $183.6 billion globally by 2021.

What can APIs do for IoT?

In the IoT world, APIs can ensure interoperability between machines with low-level services and devices, platforms, and gateways. Without the APIs, the IoT could not play its role. APIs enable a management platform to securely and securely connect IoT devices to push them to the limit and reach their maximum potential by accessing control, management, Monitoring and interacting with connected IoT devices.

APIs will be the most important resource in the IoT ecosystem to bring new information. There are several companies that work and provide Application Programming Interface (API) solutions as a service to the IoT. The IoT API is the advanced technology that brings together connected objects, data, and the cloud.

The IoT is generating a great deal of data generated by our daily lives, this data is used by organizations for different purposes such as approaching customers, innovating services, develop the new successful products and build an ecosystem.

There are several agents or features to integrate within the API, among the main reasons for having APIs in the IoT ecosystem, include distributing smart sensors/devices, collecting data and data processing in the cloud. For such agents to succeed, several vendors with clear business logic are needed. All of these features must be managed and integrated into an API dominated platform.

For the inter-domain of the internet, the features to be included are: security, mobility, tracking, management, and it is necessary to implement the AAA protocol for authentication, authorization and accounting. These capabilities across interconnected domains are necessary for robust interoperability between the administrative and technological stack. To gain access to higher-level features, you must use the API at the right application level.

The Productive API Platform for IoT

API FORGE is an innovative start-up company founded in 2019 based in Vasto in Abruzzo that provides an API development service through a platform of PaaS (Platform as a Service) based on cloud computing strategy. To ensure modularity, scalability, and maintainability of code, the platform aims to provide a comprehensive API lifecycle management process and not just a gateway service for on- data management premise.

API FORGE is just a start-up, but with an already very powerful idea and a team that intends to contribute to the Italian IoT market that today is worth €6.2 billion, with a growth of +24% compared to 2019.

API FORGE provides its service on the web via a Progressive Web App that easily offers an intuitive, simplified and accessible interface from any device. The basic value of the business is such that you would ask, with the huge amount of data available, how you can automate a production process by integrating all the resources with best technologies available?


IoT workloads following the daily tasks of human life produce a large amount of data. This data needs to be stored, processed and managed, which is not a straightforward process. The data produced consists of unstructured, semi-structural and structured data forms. These Big Data streams need a cutting-edge cloud-based central management platform such as FORGE APIs. Their PaaS platform offers a better and intuitive way to develop, test and deploy/publish APIs without the need for external SDKs.

API FORGE is the modern and powerful PaaS that deviates from the conventional and complex API development platform. Its core business value includes automation and resource integration to ensure permanent agility in the new world of the digital economy. APIs play a crucial role in the evolution of the Internet of Things, this is because it creates value for IoT generated data.

In this context API FORGE has developed a platform called Beeno, currently in beta and testable free of charge. Beeno is a SaaS platform that brings data produced by remote sensors (IoT devices) to life in real-time monitoring projects (such as predictive maintenance).

Services offered by Beeno include:

  • Custom engineering solution for real-time remote monitoring;
  • Analytical algorithms for the visualization of huge amounts of data;
  • Dashboards and widgets for performance indicators (KPIs);
  • Data transformation tools for data series analysis;
  • Alertistic system to predict the failure of the remote module in the monitored system;
  • Data storage optimized by the use of serialized databases and documentaries;
  • Cloud-based services such as Big Data storage and API based back-end application deployment.

To succeed in the competitive environment of the IoT API market, API FORGE launches the challenge to the market, proposing a set of highly recognizable principles such as lifecycle management, workflow hooks, real-time communications, event-based architecture, collaborative development, no use of SDK, role-based access control, on-demand resources, and releases.

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Thanks to Mauro La Rocca and Robert Manolea

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