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IoT with Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the hotels and vacation rental business

Automation and AI Artificial Intelligence in the hotels and vacation rental business is gaining a good amount of attention. Integrating these technologies inside a virtual voice assistance (voice technology) takes the current hotel technology trend to the new level. Several big corporates such as Amazon, Google and Smartbeings are already into the race to catch the bedside table in the big hotel brands and independent vacation rentals. These corporate companies already partnering with the solution providers around the world to make their smart speakers to engage guests and drive revenues and improve operational efficiency.

It is an evident that voice assistant technology reduce friction and allow guests to bypass a conventional technology (touchscreen tablets in the automated controls) and also make the concierge services available at the door step 24/7. Many hotel industries around the world (Hyatt, Marriott, etc.) are budgeting for a voice technology. This technology could make things as simple as possible for the guests as well as the hotel management in providing/getting virtual hotel concierge, making requests to front desk, placing orders, getting to know about the location, asking for the information, etc.

During the 2020 Consumer Electronic show various most transformative technology has been exhibited. Among them “Travel and Tourism” track was new and various brands showcased their technological products that is transforming hotel industries. The technology that highlighted was Intelligent Voice Assistive.

This tug-of-war over the smart speakers controlling the smart devices and answering questions was first started in households. Guests and staffs in the hotel industry are looking for the same comfort and connectivity in every day, every step of their journey. This solution in the hotel industry will improve the guest engagement and mitigate the challenges many travelers face when they are at hotels. With the explosive growth of these advanced voice-based technologies in the market, smart home devices and voice assistant technology solution providers have also making their inroads to the products that can be easily integrated into the hotel industry.

Various research states, 65% of the hoteliers believe that the voice assistance devices play a valuable role in increasing the property revenue and 43% thinks voice technology in hotels play a significant role in labor cost and services.

Solution providers play an important role because the hotel industry is notoriously slow to integrate the voice based assistive devices into their everyday operations. Since customization of the voice technology is very essential to bring the possibilities of limitless and easily tailored to a property brand. Since adopting such a voice-based technology inside the home is simple, when it comes to the hotels it is a much more complex environment. Solution providers has to answer themselves two questions before rolling their solutions and products,

  1. Does the solution we provide is reliable?
  2. Does it meet the guest expectation?

Once a hotel or vacation rental decides budgeting for voice technology for their guests, they have to realize that there are endless opportunities for them to provide inside the room. Some of the common and obvious skills are managing and controlling the lights, television, drapes, temperature, virtual concierge, do not disturb, etc. When the guest uses the voice assistant in some hotels, he/she has to feel their personalized presence. There are various handful of solution providers working hard to provide and integrate the voice across the hotel technology stack in management systems, guest engagement platform, etc.

Volara is in the top of those companies list they provide voice-based guest engagement software running on hardware like the Amazon Echo and Google Nest Hub, among others. Our tools are used by property managers, creative agencies, and technology integrators to easily enable memorable voice-based experiences at scale. Customized to the specific property and business, Volara knows how to get customers talking and businesses benefitting from the power of voice-based engagement. The voice-activated technology was not only aimed at the guests they could also open the possibilities for frictionless operations for hotel management staffs. The top competitors of Volara are INTELITY, Bartech, Aethon Inc, LG Electronics, Pure Wellness, DigiVatet, Plum, VoyceFirst, Roxy, Savioke, etc.

As a solution provider using platforms such as (Amazon Echo, Google Nest, ect) our solution can be specially developed, implemented and integrated with the in use IoT devices across your property. Our solution gives your property and guests the following abilities using the voice assistance.

  • Allow guests to have a better control of the smart devices in room.
  • Give access to almost all the services and information.
  • Give the guest intuitive and comfortable access to the property with the customized voice interaction and also with the visual interaction.

Currently as the solution providers using the platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google, we provide better strategy and development support with the end-to-end solution based on the hotel property and location.

Contact us for additional details and tailored proposals!

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