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With CHAMBERLAIN myQ Garage you can say goodbye to the keys and more

Chamberlain MyQ Garage is a smart product from the IoT world of smart home.

Its function is really simple: it allows you to open the garages without using the keys, but by checking the opening system (a small device to be placed inside the box) from the own smartphone. The latter, called myQ, is available on Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play Store.

The garage is then remotely opened, with a simple touch on the app.

The Chamberlain MyQ Garage device connects to the existing automatic garage opening system, the movement of which is detected by a sensor included in the kit.

Of course, in addition to being able to open your own garage, you can close it, with the same operation. Each time the application connected to the MyQ Garage device will notify you of the opening or closing of the garage.

With Chamberlain MyQ Garage, then, you can definitely say goodbye to the keys and not worry whether the garage is open or closed, because if you forget it open, just open the MyQ app and close it in a moment. If, on the other hand, someone in the family had forgotten their keys or a friend had to leave a delivery, it will be enough to open and close the garage in the same way.

Chamberlain MyQ Garage is compatible with all automatic garage opening systems on the market since 1993 and with reverse safety sensor.

It is also compatible with all Android devices (smartphones and tablets) and Apple (not only the iPhone but also the iPod Touch and iPad) to work through the app.

Through notifications on your device, it will always be possible to know when someone in your family is entering or leaving the house and this is especially useful for keeping the move under control of the children. Installation of myQ Garage is extremely simple and quick, it takes only 30 minutes to mount the Wi-Fi hub near the opening system, plug it into the electrical outlet, fix the motion sensor on the wall and download and install the free app without subscription fees.

A low expense for a smart solution and no more thoughts about your garage.

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