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Apps for cooking: A revolutionary way to unique delicacies

Innit is the smart device that guides you in preparing meals and connects with home appliances. Even the least able at the stove, will no longer have excuses: from planning to cooking will be accompanied step by step in the realization of unique delicacies. Exquisite lunches and dinners thanks to the cooking app.

The king de cooker is called Innit, his queen is an app for cooking

Beginners, enthusiasts or experienced cooks, little matter your level of knowledge of culinary notions. Innit is the kitchen’s new GPS, coming straight from Silicon Valley, and connecting to more than 100 furnaces and smart devices in the home. To date, the furnaces compatible with Innit’s innovative app are GE Appliances, a company belonging to the Haier group, and Bosch, but with the passage of time, other brands are also planned.

An app for precise and detailed cooking

Innit’s app communicates by leveraging the Home Connect Technology platform over WiFi connection. Depending on the ingredients provided by the recipe you have chosen. This innovative cooking app provides inputs regarding the expected cooking times and the correct setting of the oven (ventilated, gril, etc) by transmitting them directly to the oven. A notification will notify you when the dish is ready.
Innit is set to offer detailed, clear and precise instructions. In addition to the text, more descriptive, you will have the opportunity to follow step by step the instructions through video tutorials. A section is also dedicated to suggestions and recommendations for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously.

Tips and tips for everyone

Those who have problems with allergies and intolerances, or are following a particular eating regime, will not have any kind of problem. The Innit Cooking App allows you to plan in advance what you want to cook for a particular event or for common weekly meals. You will therefore offer recipes perfectly in line with your tastes and your diets. Of course, each recipe can be customized, so it does not detach from its own habits. Or, conversely, if you’re looking for new flavors and tastes, you can experience new combinations and ingredients by following the app’s instructions.

A technology for the kitchen of the future

Innit isn’t just a kitchen app. It is a true technological platform through which different smart devices talk to each other. In addition to the instructions to execute any recipe and cook the different dishes perfectly, Innit allows you to monitor the supplies in the fridge. You will always have under control the stocks, the relative expiry dates and the nutritional characteristics of the different foods. It is a real revolution of the food industry. The evolution of the Internet of Things is a continuous becoming. Don’t miss the new smart objects designed and proposed on the market, here the collection of those dedicated to smart home.

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