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NETATMO: Smart valves for radiators

Netatmo smart radiator valves allow you to save 37% energy for heating your home.

They also reduce the carbon footprint, emissions of greenhouse gases harmful to planet Earth.

This is according to a study carried out by the school of Central-Supélec Engineering on a traditional apartment equipped with Netatmo smart valves for radiators.

Thanks to Netatmo‘s official application, you can remotely control your smart home heating system directly from your iPhone or any Android smartphone.

The app is in fact available on both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

This allows you to optimize the heating system of your smart home.

You will remotely change the temperature of the various rooms or by scheduling the ignition of the heating. For example before returning from the holidays.

From the control panel you can set the preferred temperature of smart radiator valves for each room.

Depending on your habits, warming only when and where you need it and choosing between different modes.

Night mode saves energy while sleeping.

Concentrating the heating only in the bedrooms. Instead decreasing the temperature in the rest of the house.

The comfort mode ensures an optimal level of well-being.

For example while watching TV in the living room, heating the environment in use and saving energy in other rooms.

Comfort+ mode affects the bathroom instead.

The temperature is raised and at the same time it drops in empty rooms.

In economical mode decreases the temperature in the house, in all rooms, while you are out.

So your energy consumption is reduced with smart radiator valves and you save your bill.

Netatmo smart radiator valves are smart for other reasons too.

They are able to detect an open window , and in this case the heating is interrupted in the room, to avoid energy waste.

They analyze environmental conditions in real time and regulate heating according to sunlight and room usage.

They allow you to manually set the temperature of each room, increasing it for a maximum duration of 3 hours.

For iPhone owners voice commands are enabled.  Without having to open the dedicated app.

Thanks to the integration of the appliances with Siri, Apple’s voice assistant.

For example it will be possible to say: “Siri, set the temperature of the bedroom to 18 degrees.”

The application will execute the commands instantly.  Communicate with the valves installed in your home.

Also, always about the iOS world, Netatmo works with Apple HomeKit.

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The design of the valves is simple and modern, customizable in 4 different colors.

The material is translucent plexiglass. There is a small display showing the temperature of the room.

The battery of each valve is long lasting (2 years or so), so you don’t bother to replace it often.

The shape of the valves is cylindrical and they measure 80×58 mm.

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