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Echo Buds 2nd Generation | Ultimate Review

The sound quality of the Echo Buds 2nd generation is arguably better than its predecessor. As a result, they work better with acoustic and metal music. Those who enjoy acoustic music should opt for these buds, as they do not contain any distortion. Metal, on the other hand, tends to have a pronounced bass. Hip-hop is another example, since it is known for its bass-heavy sound.


In our review of the second generation of Echo Buds, we found that they sound more spacious and clearer than their predecessors. They work well with both acoustic and metal music. However, they don’t sound as impressive with hip-hop, which has plenty of bass. So, it’s important to determine your listening preferences before buying. If you enjoy listening to metal music, Echo Buds are probably not the best option.

Another notable feature is hands-free control of Alexa. You can ask Alexa questions, check your email, set reminders, and control compatible smart home devices. They even let you listen to ebooks on Audible. If you lose an earbud, you can use the “Find My” feature to find it and play its sound. Unfortunately, the find my feature only works if you activate it through a prompt, so you can’t use this feature every day.

Battery life is another notable feature. The Amazon Echo Buds 2 give you up to five hours of playback when fully charged. You can even use the case to recharge the buds twice before you need to recharge them again. They also last just as long as Apple’s AirPods and AirPod Pro. While the battery life isn’t quite as long as Apple’s, it’s still better than nothing.

Amazon Echo Buds are true wireless earbuds that have improved over their predecessors in a lot of ways. They have improved noise cancellation, are smaller and more comfortable, and connect to the Echo network. They also come with additional internet access, which is a big bonus. However, if you’re looking for the best wireless earbuds, these are probably not the best option. However, if you’re an Amazon subscriber, you’ll probably like them just fine.


The Echo Buds are a small, lightweight, and comfortable pair of earphones with built-in microphones. These buds are designed to feel and sound great, but they don’t sacrifice on performance. They have active noise cancellation and Passthrough Mode to help block out ambient noise and allow you to hear what’s going on around you. These buds also offer up to five hours of playback, and allow you to talk to Alexa hands-free.

The overall sound signature of the Amazon Echo Buds 2nd generation is good, though there is a noticeable low-mid under-emphasis. This makes vocals sound a little thin. Mid-range sounds are neutral, but high-treble frequencies have a noticeable dip. In addition, sibilants and cymbals sound dull, so there’s no reason to expect them to improve the treble.

The Amazon Echo Buds 2nd generation are smaller than their predecessors, which should make them easier to wear. The new earbuds also feature vents to prevent pressure build-up and improve the sound quality of your voice. The new version of the Echo Buds includes a wired charging case, which can be helpful when the device is not in use. The new version also has upgraded sound and noise cancellation, as well as a touch-sensitive surface on the back panel.

The Amazon Echo Buds 2nd generation will also support hands-free Alexa voice control, allowing you to ask questions and get answers in a flash. Alexa will also answer general questions, check your email, set reminders, control compatible smart home devices, and play ebooks from Audible. They also support Bluetooth audio streaming, which makes it easier to take calls while listening to music on the go. It is easy to get connected with the Alexa app and enjoy all of its benefits.

Sound quality

The Amazon Echo Buds 2nd generation deliver decent overall sound quality. While the high-mids and low-mids are neutral, vocals and bass are underemphasized. The treble range is fairly well-reproduced, though there are some peaks and dips throughout the sound spectrum. Sibilants and other mid-range sounds are dull. Overall, the sound signature of the Amazon Echo Buds 2nd generation is not as impressive as its predecessor.

The second-generation Amazon Echo Buds are improved in almost every area. The smaller buds are easier to wear, and the wireless charging case makes the pair even more convenient. New features include Sidetone for phone calls, optional wireless charging, and new Alexa skills. The price of these new buds is not much higher than the first-generation model.

The second-generation Echo Buds feature hands-free voice control. Alexa can answer general questions, check your email, set reminders, and control compatible smart home devices. You can even use the devices to play ebooks on, too. Whether you’re looking for new headphones or an upgrade, the second-generation Amazon Echo Buds will be worth the money. With so many features, you’ll want to get them as soon as possible.

The sound quality of the Amazon Echo Buds is excellent for the size and weight of the product. The ANC feature improves a little over time, but physical noise isolation is still better than ANC. Overall, the sound quality of the Echo Buds 2nd generation is adequate for most people, but isn’t quite on par with the high-end headphones on the market. If you’re looking for a great pair of earbuds, these are the way to go.


The second generation of the Amazon Echo Buds feature touch surfaces on both sides that provide basic controls. One tap plays/pauses music while tapping and holding changes the noise cancellation mode to pass-through. You can change these gestures via the Alexa app for iOS or Android. In addition, you can assign different actions to each ear, such as volume control. As of May 20, 2021, there is a new version of the Amazon Echo Buds, the 2nd generation.

While these buds are small and easy to wear, they have good sound quality for most users. Because they have sensors on both sides, they can be worn by themselves, or paired with a phone for hands-free listening. But while the second generation version does have better sound quality than its predecessors, the controls on the first generation were incredibly difficult to use. Luckily, you can easily customize the controls on each bud to switch to Google Assistant or Siri, or simply ask Alexa to turn up the volume.

There are several options for controlling the fit of the Amazon Echo Buds, including volume control, and adjusting the ear tips to fit your ears. Fit control is probably the most important feature for a pair of wireless earphones. With Amazon’s Ear Tip Fit Test, you can make sure they fit well. A good fit is crucial for the ultimate experience, and they have taken this very seriously.

Regardless of how you use them, you can customize your Alexa experience through the Amazon Alexa app. The app has quick access to battery levels, ANC mode, microphone mute, workout info, and detailed earbud settings. Among these features are the Sidetone function, which allows you to adjust the volume of your voice while talking with a friend. There are also manual EQ sliders for bass, treble, and mid. You can also customize the fit of the ear tips with a click of your finger.


The price of Echo Buds 2nd generation is similar to that of its predecessor. Both models are designed to be small, lightweight, and comfortable. The design also focuses on sound and comfort, and they offer active noise cancellation and Passthrough Mode, which let you hear sounds around you. The new Echo Buds also offer five hours of music playback on a single charge, and hands-free access to Alexa.

They have improved sound quality and noise cancellation. The headphones also feature a new Glacier White colourway and a wireless charging case. While the price is similar to the previous generation, the new versions have more features, and the price is expected to be lower.

The Amazon Echo Buds 2nd generation are very comfortable, water-resistant, and secure. Users report that the sound produced by these buds is clear and balanced. For the price, they are a good value for money. They are an excellent buy and worth every penny. So, what are you waiting for? Go get the Echo Buds 2nd generation today! And don’t forget to download the Alexa app and try them out for yourself.

The sound quality is average at best, and the price isn’t the only thing to consider when buying this new pair of earphones. You can buy a pair today and enjoy the music on the go. And you can even get a free Echo Buds 2nd generation if you purchase a pair.

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