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HAIKU: the smart fan for your smart home

Famous all over the world for their design, efficiency, quietness and connectivity.

Now the Haiku Smart Fan is also an IoT device integrated with leading mobile operating systems and Amazon Alexa , Nest and Ecobee platforms. You can select up to 7 fan speeds, 16 LED light intensity levels and create pre-settings. You can simulate the natural breeze, reverse the direction of the fan, handle multiple fans in parallel.

They amaze within a home environment for their elegance and modernity.

At night it also monitors the temperature and automatically selects the optimum speed. If you prefer not to use your smartphone or tablet at the moment you can take advantage of the compatible IoT platforms or the Nest thermostat that will independently manage the fan  Haiku or will execute your voice or manual commands. There is also a LED light in the center of the fan. The app for IOS and Android is sophisticated but easy to use, plus it’s free. At the bottom you can see a screenshot of the app available for IOS and Android.

We invite you to visit the Haikuwebsite, you can choose the material and colors according to your taste.

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