PETCUBE, the cat and dog camera for poking fun at your four-legged friends

Daily life often leads us to stay out of the house and although we would like to spend more hours with our beloved pets, this is not always possible.

Being away from home, the curiosity to know what our four-legged friends are doing and how are doing is very strong. Here is that the universeof the Internet of Things offers a technological and innovative object that indulges our curiosities: Petcube, the camera for cats and dogs. Thanks to this system it is possible to monitor the daily life of our faithful friends, establishing a family relationship even at a distance.

The company of the cat and dog camera 

The love for one’s pets is boundless, their physical and mental well-being is certainly one of the most characterizing aspects of the relationship that is established with them. Through the Petcube cat and dog camera you can improve your relationship with your pets, helping them to feel less lonely during periods of absence of their masters, particularly when they are still puppies, have just arrived in the new family or are sick. What differentiates this cat and dog camera from others on the market, is the ability to interact with puppies at home, allowing them to listen to our voice or play thanks to a laser controlled system, absolutely harmless to both animals and humans. Petcube will keep your four-legged friends company as often as you have to leave home. IoT at the service of the Pet world

The world of the Internet of Things is the future, now it is certain. In recent years, in fact, the areas in which it is being asserted are always a larger number, including the animal universe. The Petcube cat and dog camera is a good example of how smart objects can contribute significantly to the improvement of our everyday life . Petcube is compact, technologically advanced and multifunctional . It features two sound exit routes, one to transmit one’s voice and one to listen to one’s four-legged friend.

This cat and dog camera is connected to an app, compatible with both Android and iOS system and easily downloadable to your smartphone, which allows you to interactwith pets, monitor the environment, take photographs and record videos .

Petcube is also equipped with an alert system indicating whether something abnormal is happening in the house, alerting the master immediately. This is not a simple cat and dog camera, but an IoT device with dual functionality: control and play. A perfect smart item for animal lovers!

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