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Best Smart Pet Trackers

Nothing can beat the charm of a happy pet at your home! One famous saying is,” A happy pet is a healthy pet.” Most pet owners confine the activities of their pets to keep them safe and in front of their eyes. What if we’ve got the solution that will keep both parties happy? Yes, the Smart Pet Trackers are the gadgets that ensure that the pet is happy, healthy, and safe in their own play area.

Some of your furry companions might still give you a little worry. But here are some best available smart pet trackers that can be the stress-reliever for you in terms of your pet’s safety.

But what actually drives someone to buy a smart pet tracker? There can be plenty of reasons for it! If you have boisterous pets that roam around in furry and drive you crazy, you must keep an eye on them.

Apart from it, you cannot stop dogs from catching the squirrels across the street and then invading away. Keeping all these worries and concerns aside, these wearable smart pet trackers are here to monitor your pet’s whereabouts.

Not only these pat trackers can help reveal their location, but they look elegant. Ranging from colorful to glowing in dark style trackers, you can choose what looks good on your little pup! 

How Smart Pet Trackers Work?

Most of the smart pet trackers utilized the Global Positioning System (GPS). Thus, you’re binding the GPS through the tracker collar on your pet that’ll inform you of the exact location. GPS relies on a cellular network technology to work effectively. In turn, the cellular companies might charge you a nominal monthly or yearly fee for using their signal networking. A smartphone application then receives the signal through the GPS and lets you know the real-time location and the map to follow.

In case you want to get rid of those charges from the cellular companies, you might be looking for a tracker that transmits signals directly through the radiofrequency. However, a directional map will not be part of the tracking services in this case. Most pet owners found this technology useful in the area where the cellular network fails, i.e., during hiking, camping, or trekking.

How to buy the best smart pet trackers?

Before you make a deal, it’s always worth considering some of the factors that might get you the right product for your little companion. Keeping in mind the pet’s comfort and due to the availability of a handful of high-end trackers in the market, we’ve sorted out some quick tips for you. Follow these tips to keep your hands on the best smart tracker of all time!

Quick tips to follow while buying the smart pet trackers?


The pet tracker’s size is one of the major concerns of all time as you don’t want to overburden the collar area of your little one. For example, you cannot track a sneaky little cat with a tracker size of more than a tic-tac container. Thus, keeping in mind the size of your pet, choose the right dimensions for your tracker.

Smart Options:

Apart from the tracking, some of the smart gadgets are also helpful in plenty of ways. Most smart pet trackers are provided with health and fitness tracking, and some are well-equipped with lights, audible beeps, and more options. Thus, make sure to check the smart features or options that come along with these gadgets.

One such smart function is the “Safe Zone Area.” You can confine the area where your pet can roam freely. Once out of that boundary line, you’ll receive a warning notification.


The quality of smart pet trackers are of great concern as it is a matter of health. The pet tracker is bound directly to the collar area in contact with the skin, and hence it must be free from any toxic material that has risks to harm the pet. Moreover, make sure the gadget is not flimsy and is designed with high-grade plastic.

Battery Life:

There is no point in buying the tracker that needs to be charged every few hours. Thus, buy a device with at least 2-3 days of battery timing. However, some models exist in the market with up to weeks or months of battery life.

10 Best smart pet trackers of all time:

1. FitBark GPS Dog Tracker:


Safe and Secure:

Are you one of those pet owners who got worried immediately about losing the visibility of your pet? If so, this FitBark GPS Dog Tracker is designed for you! It’ll keep you informed in real-time using the 4G LTE-M Real-Time US Verizon coverage, which costs you $5.95 per month. You’ll also get the escape alerts, reminders, and notifications of your pet’s location, keeping in mind their safety.

Health Options:

Apart from the location access, you’ll get all the stats and information regarding the pet’s health. Thus, you can monitor the health of your pup by observing their sleep cycle, sleep quality, distance covered, steps taken, and more. Moreover, the FitBark has a unique feature on-board, giving you insights about the pet’s skin condition and anxiety 24/7. This way, you can set the goals for the breed, age, and weight.

Comfort Level:

FitBark can be the ideal and best-suited choice for all types of pets as it just weighs 17 grams. Thus, it can be a perfect fit for dogs weighing between 5 lbs. to 240 lbs.

Battery Life:

Another noticeable feature for the FitBark GPS is its long battery life. Charge it all together once and forget about recharging for about 20 days.


  • Links with Apple Watch
  • 1.5″ wide collars
  • It fits well with 240 lbs. of pets
  • Works with iOS 12+/ Android 6+


  • Short communication range

2. PetFon Pet GPS Tracker:


Petron is a worth considering choice for all pet owners as it cuts the significant subscription cost. Without any monthly fee, PetFon GPS works via radar searching and pinpoints the pet’s location in real-time. It combines GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technology for the real-time position on your smartphone’s screen. Thus, finding the lost pet location is no more a problem for you anymore.

Real-Time and Long Distance:

PetFon GPS tracker serves you with real-time positioning even in the long-distance. You can download PETFON’s official application and follow the step-by-step process. The tracker works best within the range of 0.65 miles to 3.5 miles, depending on the dense and open-air environments.


Using PETFON GPS, you can make use of Geo-fencing in your area. What it means is you can define a particular location in which the little buddy can roam freely. Going out of that area, you’ll receive the notification, and an alarm rings.

Lightweight and Rain Proof:

Not just the 8-16 hours of battery life is the prime feature for this pet tracker, but there are plenty of others within the package. It weighs only 27.6 grams making it a perfect choice for most pets. Moreover, rain proofing is a thing that can save you much cost as the pet will not care about the water places.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Geo-fencing enabled
  • No monthly fee
  • Up to 3.5 miles coverage


  • Coverage is affected in dense surroundings.  

3. Whistle Go Explore:


Real-time location:

No one can deny the fact that the Whistle Go Explore is the ultimate solution to your pet’s safety. No matter if it’s about their real-time location or health insights, Whistle has got you covered. Your furry friend might like to escape from the home, but worry not! Whistle Go Explore can locate even if they’re 3000 miles away via the Google and AT&T network.

Health and Activity Tracker:

Whistle Go Explore comes with another plus feature in terms of Health tracking. You can monitor activity levels, behavior, calories, distance, and activity. This way, you can keep track of their internal behaviors, including licking, scratching, and sleeping as well.

Night Light:

Never miss the pet from your eyes! An on-board night light not only ensures you of their safety, but the incoming traffic on the road can keep track of your pet and drive safely. Moreover, the 20 days of ultimate battery life will not interrupt your busy schedule.

Three Months Free:

Whistle Go comes with the AT&T 4G LTE-M subscription, which is free for the first three months of usage. Afterward, it’ll cost you $7.95/month.  


  • Real-time location
  • Geo-fencing enabled
  • Monitor all activities
  • Built-in night light


  • Requires subscription after three months

4. Cube Smart Tracker:


Multi-purpose Tracking:

Cube Smart Tracker is a multi-purpose device that can keep track of all your belongings and pets. Thus, you can utilize it the way you want! However, with the Cube attached to your pet or inside your luggage, you can keep track via the Cube Community. You need to buy the collar straps in case you want to use them for your pet.

Additional Applications:

Cube has made this gadget more useful by employing various sorts of smart functionalities. Thus, do you want to capture photos? Utilize this Cube gadget as the shutter button of your camera. Moreover, are you looking for your phone? Again, the Cube is the solution. You can ring, vibrate or flash your phone to find it. You can pair it with the key chains and mobile phones using Bluetooth.

Longer Life Span:

Your little puppy will not care about the tracker while jumping, running, or diving into the water. Thus, Cube has the ultimate design, keeping in mind the challenges that keep it prepared for all the worse situations. However, you need to change the battery life every year.


  • Show on the map
  • Multi-purpose device
  • Lightweight
  • Replaceable battery


  • Not good with finding keys

5. CAT TAILER Cat Tracker:


Easy way to track cats:

Do you need to track and keep an eye on your little cat who ignores your call and gestures? If so, Cat Tailer is the best choice for you! CAT TAILER has the innovative and less harmful technology instead of GPS that might not give you the exact but precise location in our neighborhood or backyard.

Long-Range Tracking:

CAT TAILER is not a GPS tracker but works with Bluetooth. Thus, keeping in mind the no-GPS feature (to get rid of the monthly service fee), this Bluetooth technology is found useful in finding pets’ location. However, the range is not as good as the GPS one. It can easily pinpoint the location of the pet within 328 feet, both indoor and outdoor. Working without the GPS has made the tracker way too small and useful for small-sized cats.

Distance and Battery:

The application by which the Cat Tailer works shows you the distance based on your signal and strength. Thus, you can simply approach in that direction to find your little pooch. The application will also keep you aware of battery life.


  • Compact size
  • No harmful signaling
  • Customize with name and picture
  • No monthly fee


  • Not much accurate

6. Loc8tor Pet Tracker:


RF-based Technology:

Loc8tor Pet Tracker is one of the most advanced tracking gadgets that keep you well-aware of your pet’s location. The RF-Based formulation is considered the most useful in locating the pet within 1-inch. This RF-based technology gets more fame than the GPS, ensuring an accurate location without any service fee.

No Subscription Fee:

That being said, it’s quite convenient to use the Loc8tor Pet Tracking device as it doesn’t charge you any subscription fee. Unlike GPS tracker, it is ultimately free in services; however, it requires one-time charges to locate your pet’s location for the lifetime.

Finds Every Pet:

Loc8tor Pet Tracker is the ultimate choice for you if you’re concerned about the whereabouts of smaller pets. Despite being the hype, GPS trackers cannot calculate the exact location of your smaller pets when hidden under their place. Weighing only 5 grams, the loc8tor pet tracker might be the most suitable choice for you in terms of safety and security.

Find Anywhere:

The Loc8tor Pet Tracker helps you find the pet within 400 feet range and 122 meters of coverage area. Thus, you can even find the pet through the doors, walls, airing cupboards, and all sorts of dense environments.


  • No monthly fees
  • Accurate than pet
  • Activity monitoring
  • Two transmitters


  • It cannot be used through a web browser.

7. Pet GPS Tracker by PETFON:


Multiple Trackers:

PETFON has come up with a package that includes three trackers with a controller and two charging boxes. The whole bundle will let you track three pets at once. However, it is informed by the manufacturer that the Pet GPS is not designed for indoor purposes but for outside. While taking your dog on a walk or hiking or camping, you won’t lose contact with your little companion.

No Monthly Fee:

PETFON has eased the pet owner’s worries by cutting down the higher cost. All you need to do is bear the one-time charges, and the tracker will work for the lifetime—no need to pay the monthly service fee as in most of the GPS trackers.

Real-Time Pinpoints:

PETFON’s GPS tracker has come up with the real-time location pinpoint option, and that too without the need for cellular networks. Thus, the GPS works without any monthly or yearly subscription charges.

Ease of Usage:

One significant and noticeable attribute of this Smart Pet Tracker is its ease of usage. You simply need to download the PETFON application and follow the instructions. The signal tracking works best within a range of 0.65 miles in the downtown while 3.5 miles in the open-air surroundings.


  • Laser carving antenna
  • Up to 3.5 miles range
  • Rainproof


  • Only for dog pets

8. Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker:


Tracking and History:

Now, with the Tractive LTE GPS, you cannot only just track your little friends but pinpoint the location. Moreover, a history tab in the application will guide you about all the areas your dog has visited in recent days.

Virtual Safe Zone:

Are you afraid of your furry friend going in the neighborhood or down the street? If so, mention or devise a safe area. Whenever your pet crosses the boundary line, you’ll receive the notification and alerts.

Activity Monitoring:

Not only the location tracking, but this tracker is more than that! It can keep an eye on the activities of your pet, including health and fitness. Moreover, the GPS tracker works in more than 150 countries with just a starting fee of $4.99/month.


  • Live to track
  • Virtual fence enabled
  • Worldwide coverage
  • 100% waterproof


  • The collar clip is not durable

9. Tile Pro (2020) Bluetooth Tracker:


Pets, Bags, and Keys:

Tile Pro can solve much of your daily life problems regarding misplaced items or runaway pets! Tile Pro has Bluetooth tracking technology, which can be used for multiple purposes. The easy-to-use free application can work well with iOS and Android, enabling the location finder to work at your fingertips.

Wide Range:

When it comes to Bluetooth, people think of less coverage area. Don’t worry when you have this Tile Pro tracker, as it can cover the area of 400 feet around you. Moreover, you can check when the pet goes out of the coverage area, pinpoint that location, and try finding your little pooch.


  • Premium membership available
  • 400 ft. range
  • Water-resistant
  • One year battery life


  • Heaviest among all Tiles

10. Zamora Anti-lost Smart Tracker:


Easy and Quick:

Whenever you’re finding it hard to locate the pet or any other essential item of yours, use this Zadmory Smart tracker. You can find a wallet, keys, TV remote, mobile phone, and pets using this gadget’s GPS enabled technology.  

Long Distance Range:

The long-distance range and the loud alarm of this Zadmory Smart Tracker are noteworthy features for most users! Many users liked the 80-95 dB of an audible alarm, which can even be heard from the upstairs. Also, the alarm can penetrate through the walls.

Longer Battery Life:

No need to recharge the battery every often! The replaceable CR2032 battery is the ultimate solution to your busy schedule where you forget to charge the battery most of the time. 


  • Loud alarm 
  • Compact size 
  • Two-way tracking 
  • It can be used as a camera shutter. 


  • Low-grade quality

Comparison Chart:

ProductsBrandWeightDimensionsCoverageWater-proofBattery life
1.FitBark GPS Dog TrackerFitBark17g1.85 x 1.18 x 0.59 inchesGPS (4G LTE-M Real-Time US Verizon) YesUp to 20 days
2.PetFon Pet GPS TrackerPetFon27.6g GPSYes8-16 hours
3.Whistle Go ExploreWhistle0.28 g6.75 x 5 x 2 inchesGPS (AT&T 4G LTE-M)Yes20 days
4.Cube Smart TrackerCube11.3g2.75″ x 1.57″ x 0.64″GPSYes10-60 days
5.CAT TAILER Cat TrackerCat Tailer7.9g6.85 x 4.45 x 1.69 inchesBluetoothYes6 months
6.Loc8tor Pet TrackerAltranet5g7.87 x 1.97 x 7.87 inchesRF-technologyYes10-12 hours
7.Pet GPS Tracker by PETFONPETFON27.6g20.04 x 20.04 x 8.4 inchesGPSYes8-16 hours
8.Tractive LTE GPS Dog TrackerTractive36.28g2.83 x 1.14 x 0.63 inchesGPSYes2-5 days
9.Tile Pro (2020) Bluetooth TrackerTile14.17g1.64 x 1.64 x 0.26 inchesBluetoothWater-resistant1 year (replaceable)
10. Zadmory Smart TrackerZadmory56g4.21 x 3.5 x 0.67 inches            GPS, BluetoothYes1 year  (replaceable)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Can one track the pet with the phone?

A. Yes, these smart pet trackers are meant to be controlled via the mobile phone application. In the case of a GPS tracker, you can see the live location of your pets in your neighborhood.

Q. How do GPS dog trackers work?

A. GPS pet trackers use cellular networks to transmit the signals, and in turn, the operator companies will charge you the monthly subscription fee.

Q. Do tracking devices work without a cellular network?

A. Yes, many smart pet trackers are equipped with RF-technology or Bluetooth connectivity. These might have a low range but don’t cost you the monthly or yearly fee.


Are you having a furry friend at home who likes to run away in the neighborhood? Worry not! These smart pet trackers will ease your worries by giving you direct access to life or pinpoint the location (last visited) on your mobile screens.  

To make it even better for your furry pals, you can check out these air quality monitors as well.

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