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Tractive GPS Tracker Review

Tractive offers many features when it comes to GPS trackers. Tractive offers a low profile, waterproofing, family sharing capability, and a monthly subscription fee. Let’s take a look at the features you should look for in a GPS tracking device. Next, pick the one that suits you best. We’ll review the main features of Tractive GPS trackers and then make recommendations for which one is best.

Low profile

Low profile Tractive GPS uses gps for location finding. You’ve probably wondered how you will get home if you have ever gone off to another place. You can use the device to set up virtual fences that will allow you to locate your dog’s home and keep track of his movements. For a more efficient experience, you can set up multiple virtual fencing.

The Tractive GPS, a low profile device, attaches easily to any collar or harness. It uses GPS satellites for location determination with a 95% confidence level, and 7.8 m accuracy. While accuracy varies depending upon the environment and satellites used, you can usually see two to three metres when using Live tracking. However, you will not be able to get accurate results if you don’t know where your dog is every minute.

You can expect to have up to 2 days battery life from the Tractive GPS. While the battery life is reduced when live tracking is activated, it still allows you find your pet wherever they are. The Tractive app allows you to check the battery status. If the battery level drops below 10%, the device will notify you. To receive push notifications, you must enable push notifications in the app. The LED will turn red when your Tractive device runs low on battery. Before turning it on, make sure you charge it.


A waterproof Tractive GPS tracker for pet owners is a great way to keep an eye on their pets. The tracking device can be connected to your smartphone and you will receive notifications whenever your pet leaves the safe area. The device can be managed using either a browser or an app. The Tractive GPS trackers come with an integrated sim card and are available in three appealing color options, including red, black, and blue.

Tractive offers a 24-month warranty that covers any material and functionality defects. This warranty does NOT cover batteries, improper use, or devices that were opened. The Tractive GPS doesn’t offer training assistance. You might need to contact customer service depending on the place you purchased the device. If you don’t require assistance from the GPS service provider for any reason, warranty coverage is unlikely.

Family sharing feature

Tractive GPS’s Family Sharing feature allows users to share their location with family members. This feature is available with all Tractive GPS subscription plans. You can send invitations by email to family members if you are an active subscriber. You should know that your Virtual Fences cannot be changed while being shared with others in your family. You can opt out at any moment of the Family sharing option.

Tractive GPS also offers a premium public sharing feature. This feature allows you to share the location of your pet with your family and friends. You can share a link to your pet’s location on a map and help them find their way home. Go to your Profile page, and click on the Tracker option. Scroll down to the Options section. Tap on the Share Tracking Link next to the Location field.

The GPS tracker from Tractive can be used with multiple pets. Tractive’s GPS tracker for pets features a Google Map-like interface that displays geographic data. This feature allows parents to keep track of their pet’s location even if they aren’t there. Parents and children can share the locations of their pets with each other.

Tractive GPS’s battery lasts for two to three days under normal use. The device uses the GPS satellites for live tracking. It uses less power and can operate over distances of up to 60 miles during this time. Tractive GPS updates every 2 to 60 minutes when in default tracking mode.

Subscription fee

The Tractive GPS requires a subscription. The device transmits GPS position data via local cellular networks continuously, so it can tracked all over the globe. The device includes a SIM card that automatically connects to your local mobile network. The device transfers GPS data to your smartphone or computer, allowing you track your location at any time.

Tractive GPS subscription includes both the tracking device and the activity monitoring feature. Tractive’s Activity Monitoring feature allows you to check your pet’s activity statistics weekly or monthly. The app shows how active your pet is, how many calories they have burned, and how much sleep they get. Family members and friends can view the data at any time. Each subscription plan comes with additional features. You can add additional devices to your account and can cancel at any moment.

Tractive GPS has the unique ability to see multiple pets simultaneously. It comes with an intuitive app that allows you to view your pet’s history, activity, and map. You can view the location of your pet in real-time. You can switch between different views using the app, including a compass that will help you locate your pet. You can also change the map settings and track your pet.

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