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Smart home? ORVIBO Allone Pro RF smart hub

Orvibo Allone Pro RF is a smart hub that allows you to easily connect all RF devices and IR remote control systems in your home.

It is based on radio frequency protocol, remote infrared control and remote control by app. The smart hub then connects to all devices, which in turn communicate with the application that saves data to the Orvibo IoT cloud.

With Orvibo Allone Pro RF smart hub, you can control devices using different RF protocols, thanks to integrated support, up to 300 meters away.

Many smart devices from various brands are compatible, 90% of RF433 products, including motors, switches and electrical sockets, and 95% of infrared devices on the market (thus more than 8. 000 smart devices for home automation).

The IR signal is many strong and 360°, it can cover 7 meters away, so you can control all infrared devices from your smartphone with the HomeMate application.

This (available for iOS and Android) has a simple and intuitive interface, many functions are available and from the settings you can configure all devices to begin experience the IoT world of home automation in your home. The app also has Open Source APIs, so smart object manufacturers (such as Osram, ZigBee, Honeywell and Philips) can customize and integrate their products with the Orvibo system.

Orvibo Allone Pro RF smart hub provides a dedicated Cloud platform that supports different protocols and is compatible with millions of devices. It also has a high level of encryption like that used by major financial systems, so it keeps all data safe.

Some examples of connectable RF devices are: switches, bulbs, LED strips, windows, transmitters, shutters, washing machines, calorifers, etc. compatible IR devices are: air conditioners, fans, water heaters, projectors, stereo systems, electronic whiteboards, televisions, etc.

The design of Orvibo Allone Pro RF smart hub is modern and elegant, circular in shape and black color. The weight of the device is only 185 grams, while the dimensions are 110×31 mm

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