KINSA: the smart thermometer that doesn’t just provide body temperature

Kinsa is more than a thermometer for measuring fever.

It helps sick people recover physically, at their best, by offering personalized guidance on how to soothe symptoms. Not only that: allows you to call your doctor if it is necessary (as in the case of high fever), remind the patient to take medication at a certain time and with what dosage,   provides detailed information for the health of the entire family and shows which flu strains are circulating nearby to prevent and combat them.

So you care better and in time, in fact Kinsa takes care of the personal health and that of your family.

A thermometer must first provide the temperature, and Kinsa does it quickly and accurately, in just one second . He is also able to assist the person, answering questions like: “what should I do to treat myself?” , “how bad is my flu status?”. This is why Kinsa can be the perfect ally for little ones, especially for newborns , acting as a “homemade pediatrician” and thus helping moms (especially those at the first weapons).

Kinsa is also useful for those who practice sports, for example athletes from the 2016 Rio Olympics have used it as a precaution against the Zika virus, unfortunately spread in the last years.

Kinsa is useful for anyone, because the temperature of your body can reveal a lot and steps can be taken in as little time as possible. For example, at school, where thousands of children spend many hours of their day in contact with germs and bacteria, viruses spread easily and infect many students through knock-on effect. Kinsa integrates into the official application (available for iOS and Android) a very interesting space, a private chat connected to a kind of table of contents showing the state of health of the whole school and a detailed report of the disease, advanced or regressed over time. So students, or their parents, can exchange messages and information about the flu, such as healing time, various symptoms accused, etc.Kinsa has so far received numerous honors , such as the Bump Best of Baby Tech, the Cribsie Award Finalist and the National Parenting Publications Award in 2016 and again the Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Grand Prize.

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