HAMMERHEAD KAROO: cycling computer and personal coach IoT

Dall’Internet of Things, arriva una nuova generazione di cycling computer.

From the Internet of Things, comes a new generation of cycling computers.

Designed and built by cyclists for cyclists, based on the Android operating system, Karoo collects the best maps, with special technical information on the route based on the type of the same.
The jewel of the IoT is extremely feature-rich, equipped with cellular and Wi-Fi connection, provides real-time route data and updates on Criticality of the route, without having to resort to the use of the smartphone. You can also share track mappings, instantly with your friends, including location geolocation via GPS.
The maps inserted in the cycling computer are designed to explore the world, the special filters allow you to select the preferred route by setting preferences such as: dirt or paved road, the slope and many other particularities according to the cycling discipline practiced.

Navigate and explore, discover and build, but also change our route, with offline navigation, thanks to our IoT Karoo device we can be sure that we won’t miss out.

The smart device also allows us to set goals and achieve them.
Karoo as an IoT personal coach allows us to analyze metrics, understand efforts made and improve our performance.
Connectivity is unprecedented, on-board in 3G but also in Wi-Fi, allows automated synchronization, streaming and live-sharing . The seamless integration with Strava and other applications allows you to share paths, goals, and also find friends who are doing the same path.

In addition to social and technical features, Karoo has a special trans-reflective display, which offers superior visibility combined with low energy consumption, compared to the navigation by smartphone application.

The special intelligent energy management battery ensures high performance ranging from 10 to 15 hours of battery life. High resistance to weathering, Karoo, can withstand thirty minutes of immersion in water at a depth of one meter.
Offsettechnology allows easy control in any condition with one hand. The special interface allows synchronization with any type of Garmindevice.

The solid yet lightweight construction features an alloy skeleton and durable high-impact polycarbonate covers, sealed with 8 screws, which configures it as an IoT solution, made to last.

On 184 grams of weight, we find a screen of 640 × 480 inches, with a resolution of 229 dpi. Inside are an altimeter, compass, accelerometer, thermometer and barometric sensor based on ambient light that automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen of our IoTdevice.

With Hammerhead Karoo, cycling computers and IoT personal coach , we have no more excuse not to embark on a two-wheeled adventure.

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