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JEWELBOTS: The Interactive Friendship Bracelet

The first approach with technology, children have it from the first years of life, thanks to the use of smart devices such as tablets and smartphones, to watch videos on Youtube or to play with apps dedicated to the little ones. Today even programming can be a subject to teach from childhood.

Despite this approach to technology from an early age, the scarcity of pink quotas in the field of information technology still represents a cultural consequence, even if it is proven that little girls can like the interactive world and programming.
It is therefore important to approach them, to science and technology with appropriate methods and in the right ways, for example, with a game that makes them feel closer to the friend of the heart, it is possible to learn the fundamentals of computer science playing.

With this idea, a New York startup has created friendship bracelets designed specifically to encourage little girls to coding.

Jewelbots is the interactive bracelet, protagonist also of a cartoon launched by Google and Disney, precisely to pique the interest of small viewers in the world of programming, in the cardboard the main character is just a little girl who used just a super tech bracelet.
The operation of Jewelbots interactive bracelet is very simple, first you need to connect it to a pc in order to use the Arduino IDE software and customize it, the girls they can program it using simple equations from the application attached to the bracelet, which glows and vibrates and allowing communication with each other using morse code.

The interactive bracelet connects via bluetooth and works even without connecting to the smartphone.

You can program according to your interests: such as social notifications, conversations, etc. Jewelbots interactive bracelets  are a special wearable that allow the exchange of messages with friends, or with mom thanks to synchronization.
Until ten years ago years of university studies were needed to learn the basics of coding, now simply buy toys designed to teach programming to children. These innovative games help to strengthen reasoning skills, allow you to develop mathematical and logical-deductive skills. Learning to program can be really easy and fun when done at an early age, using smart games and devices that set the imagination in motion.

Among the promoters who took to the field to support some projects related to teaching coding to primary school children, we have Silicon Valley giants and Google who donated a hundred thousand dollars to two British associations promoting programming culture.

Tra i promotori scesi in campo per sostenere alcuni progetti legati all’insegnamento del coding ai bambini delle scuole elementari abbiamo i colossi della Silicon Valley e Google che ha donato centomila dollari a due associazioni britanniche che promuovono la cultura della programmazione.

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