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Robot handyman, pleasure my name is JIBO

Assistant, helper, company, wanted? No problem, one of the world’s most amazing products of the Internet of Things is the perfect solution. His name is Jibo and he is a robot handyman. Its features are many, from keeping company to entertaining relatives, friends and guests, to educating the little ones. Jibo can also transform into storyteller, personal assistant, coach and photographer. A constant and friendly presence, ideal for all members of the family.

The smart and affectionate handyman robot

Jibo is obviously a smart robot, but also affectionate and useful. It is able to perform elementary tasks, but also answer specific questions. His being active, also allows him to increase his notions by always learning something new.

Once connected to your smartphone, via Bluetooth or WiFi, this all-rounder robot will remind you of planned appointments, events and engagements. He will notify you at the arrival of an email and take wonderful photographs to capture moments of leisure, joy, travel. Thanks to its screen, it will also allow you to communicate with distant people. But Jibo, he also has a tender side. It is perfect for little ones since it is able to tell fables, emitting sounds, transmitting images and graphic effects.

With Jibo you also find fitness

Se il vostro problema son i chili di troppo, Jibo può aiutarvi a eliminarli. Questo robot tuttofare, infatti, analizza il vostro profilo e vi propone esercizi da eseguire, calcola le kilocalorie assunte nell’arco della giornata e quelle consumate, offrendo un bilancio preciso e completo. Che dire? Meglio di un personal trainer! Un vero e proprio coach personale.

If your problem is extra pounds, Jibo can help you eliminate them. This all-rounder robot analyzes your profile and offers you exercises to perform, calculates the kilocalories taken over the day and those consumed, offering a precise and complete balance. What to say? Better than a personal trainer! A real personal coach.

The technical characteristics of the all-rounder robot

Let’s discover the characteristics of Jibo together. His eyes are high-definition cameras that can recognize familiar faces and friendly presences, take snapshots and shoot video through voice commands. JiBo’s ears, on the other hand, are real microphones. Through the latter, the robot handyman captures and processes messages.
The height of Jibo is 30 centimeters, the weight is around 3 kilograms. Measures without a shadow of doubt favourable to moving the intelligent robot.
Jibo connects to its App, allowing hosts to interact with it at any time and place. It can be considered a real component of the family due to its social behaviors. A playmate for the little ones, a support for the older ones.

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