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Smart game to develop computer and programming skills and knowledge: here’s LITTLE BITS

Develop ingenuity, creativity and practical skill since they were children. Thanks to the incredible world of the Internet of Things, learning the notions of robotics and home automation is simple and intuitive.

LittleBits is a smart game that helps kids and kids experience and learn new skills. Thanks to this smart device, imagination and creativity will also be stimulated in the creation of small objects that are always new and different.

Many modules for a unique device

LittleBits is composed of different modules, which can be connected to each other using simple magnets. The attachment between modules is so totally safe and does not imply complex and sometimes dangerous actions such as wiring, programming and welding. Thanks to the small magnetic connectors on each module of LittleBits, creating a circuit from scratch takes a few minutes! All blocks are broken down by color according to their function. Pink modules represent inputs, i.e. switches, buttons and knobs; green ones are, instead, outputs, such as sounds, motors and lights. Orange modules identify connections between different blocks, while blue bricks correspond to power sources, such as a microUSB connector or a 9Volt battery.

How does LittleBits work?

Inventing and making animated objects, here’s the purpose of LittleBits, the smart game suitable for little ones, but that engages and intrigues adults too. It’s easy to start creating. You start with a blue module, energy, which is certainly the basis of each creation, and then connect and add the other components depending on the functions you need. The polarity of magnets is such that it is impossible to make insecure and incorrect connections. Wide, then, to ingenuity and creativity!

A smart game for everyone

For children and adults, LittleBits is the smart game to bring people closer to the world of rapid prototyping. Through pre-engineered bricks, which do not need knowledge about electronics and practical concepts about electrical circuits, it is possible to build real robots. An intelligent game not exclusively with a playful educational goal, but also exploratory and aimed at the practical demonstration of the realization of real technological products. There are several versions of this fantastic smart game, from kits for students to those for enthusiasts. Each package has its own main theme, shared by the mission of LittleBits: to invent the world in which you want to live.
The game can be connected to the app, which can be downloaded on both Android devices and iOS devices, so that you can share your ideas and creations with the entire LittleBits community. Some of our tips for your best purchase.

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