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DASH and DOT, two smart playmates for all kids

Playing, learning, growing and having fun. All children should have the opportunity to learn new notions by playing. From this assumption comes the idea of an American start up, Wonder Workshop, to create two programmable robots for children, whose purpose is to educate through playful activities. Dash and Dot two smart devices that stimulate the interest and curiosity of children in scientific subjects. They are two pure specimens belonging to the world of the Internet of Things.

Dash and Dot, logic’s best friends

Thanks to these two smart robots, your children will develop logical skills and skills in computing . These are two programmable robots also suitable for teaching in primary schools. Dash and Dot can be used in pairs or individually. They are distinguished by their appearance and by the functions they perform.

Dash is 16 centimeters tall, consists of 4 directional keys and as many as 3 microphones. It is able to perform many functions, including recording sounds, responding to voice commands, singing, dancing, and shooting balls. It is free in movement due to the presence of distance sensors and wheels. Dash’s youngest brother, he is called Dot and is only 9.5 centimetres tall. By infrared it gives orders to Dash, and thanks to the accelerometer, it understands when it is tilted or lifted.

Both programmable robots, feature a led eye that illuminates with different colors (in all 12), pre-set sounds and buttons for programming.

How do you program Dash and Dot?

Easily simple! Via tablet or smartphone. Simply download the app to your device and start programming. There are 5 different apps depending on the difficulty of the functions to be performed, all of which can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. Each app has its own identifying name: Go, Wonder, Blocky, Path and Xylo. The first three are generic, while the latter teach the basics of programming to children. The activities offered are all educational and compelling: there are more than 600 tutorials available, including games, puzzles and projects to develop! Both robots have Bluetooth 4.0 and wireless connection, the battery has an autonomy of about 3 hours and takes 1 to be back on top

Dash and Dot’s Company

With these two programmable robots, it will be really exciting to play by learning the different scientific notions. Dash and Dot are real playmates, which can also be programmed to greet and welcome back after a day at school, transmit messages to friends and accompany children during a trip.

Educational activities bring better results when accompanied by playful schemes.  Internet of Things start ups like Wonder Workshop know this and are developing increasingly technological and innovative products. Don’t miss the opportunity to give Dash and Dot to your children.For details and purchase click here!


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