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Discover the best and innovative toy car track

Whole generations have spent hours on end playing with the toy car track. Whole afternoons to compete in speed and skill races, simulating talk between the pits and the driver and listing the best characteristics of their miniature car.

The toy car track is an evergreen game, which over the years has changed following the evolution of technology. Anki Overdrive is the smartest car track in the world thanks to the advanced technology used: it looks like a game of the future!

The evolution of the classic track is truly incredible: it will fascinate not only children, but also boys and adults.

An unmatched toy car track .

Electric and smart track, drive with your smartphone.

Anki Overdrive is not the classic toy car track, but a real technological revolution . It is based onartificial intelligence and allows you to create and experience stunning challenges and adventures.

Anki Overdrive machines do not travel on electrified tracks, but they can move freely on the track, with the possibility of making real tail head. There are currently no such car tracks. Anki Overdrive is, in fact, a mix of classic track and video game.

To have fun you need the installation of the Overdrive app on your smartphone or tablet.

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android operating system and is needed to drive machines on track – it’s the only possible command.

Classic toy car track or video game?

The question arises given that the only tool for grooming mini cars is the app. The answer is simple: Anki Overdrive is both.

The starter kit of this fantastic smart game consists of a modular track whose pieces can be assembled through magnetic contacts up to create 8 different and spectacular slopes.

The two mini cars included in the starter kit are electric and equipped with a rechargeable battery . Also inside the package, you will find the charging base for the toy cars.

Once you download the app you can start playing. The app is nothing more than a real video game through which mini cars can be controlled. Through a bluetooth connection interacts between the cars on the track and the game installed.

Taking advantage of the powerful artificial intelligence at the base of Anki Overdrive and the sensors found on mini cars, trying your hand at races or fights on the track is really simple and addictive!

To make racing on the smart toy track even more compelling, you can buy other mini electric cars apart.

Each car has different technical characteristics and special features.

Are you ready to challenge each other on the track? The internet of Things also offers fun for young and old.

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