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Intelligent and interactive games for children: Meet the TALKIES

Growing by playing and developing technological and communication skills. Nowadays, by now we could never imagine our lives without smartphones. And so, our children too, begin to live with multi-task technology objects used not only to communicate, but also to manage activities directly online. Giving a cell phone to a child is obviously premature and senseless. The fantastic world of IoT has also turned its interest to little ones, offering a series of smart and interactive games for children on the market. One of them is Talkie, branded Toymail.

Talkie, the smart and interactive games for children to communicate and stay in touch

Talkies are cute interactive plush toys reminiscent of fantastic creatures all colorful. At first glance they look like classic puppets, but these are smart games for children. Specifically, Talkies are communication devices that allow us to always stay in touch with our beloved children. The idea of the Toymail development team was to insert a compact plastic smart device inside the plush. Thanks to this chip, children can interact with the character, but also send voice messages to their parents. What sets these interactive children’s games apart from more traditional walkie-talkies is airtime. With walkie-talkies, the voice is transmitted in real time, with Talkies, however, messages can be sent and played whenever desired and at different times.

Simple design, smart functionality

Talkies are now available in 7 interactive plush toys. The first 3 born are still on the market. Hank, the green dinosaur. Gory, the blue shark. Bitsy, the yellow bat. These cute little animals lend themselves to become the favorite children’s smart toys for young and old. Resistant and safe, with joking and sympathetic lines, promote the development of verbal communication. The controls are 4, simple and intuitive: recording, sending, listening, playback. The puppet’s face, on the other hand, serves as the sender’s selector of the message.

The Talkie app, interactive games for children

If for the child the puppet is a completely normal everyday object. The adult can’t bring a stuffed toy to the office. For this reason, an app connected to the smart device has been developed. It is absolutely free and easily downloadable on all smartphones. The presence of an unheard message is highlighted by a red light. By tapping the avatar or contact image with one finger, you can reproduce the voice message you receive. Recording and sending one’s voice are intuitive actions that follow the same mechanism as a common recorder.


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